Saturday, January 30, 2016

The National Grid & Black Outs

A article written by the New York Times 
Blackout: The Power Outage That Left 50 Million W/o Electricity | Retro Report | The New York Times

Turns out a tree in Ohio was the cause of the problem. Our National grid in the USA is island style connected in a daisy chain of transformers, sub stations , power plants, wires and cables and when a back out occurs you are left in the dark ages.

In any given month or year there are many storm and weather related blackouts that leave millions of people without electrical power. This does not have to happen, wake up readers there is no reason to ever be left without electrical power. A switch that is called ATS automatic transfer switch monitors the grid voltage and when it senses the loss of grid electrical power it isolates itself from the grid power lines and turns on a auto start generator and produces electrical power as long as a fuel source is available. 

But there is a even better way to transfer this electrical power loss and that is with battery banking and pure sinewave microprocessor inverter electrical power with solar and wind for endless charging options. ATS is still required to isolated from grid power lines but the benefits here are that the transfers are so fast that computer and clock resets are not required.

Example the grid power goes off line and the electrical transfer automatically transfers power to inverter power. Even without adding the solar and wind for charging but just by having the battery banking and pure sinewave microprocessor inverter electrical power backed up by auto start generator for battery bank charging. This setup can stop the auto start generator from running 24/7 and only needs to start when the batteries need charging or for high demand 240 volt loads like electric cook stoves and electric water heaters, clothes dryers, ect. 

The best way to size your power backup system is to match your Main Breaker Panel rating .  The reason for this match is that it is business as usual when the grid power loss happens and the neighborhood is left in the dark your entire power source will be operating as designed to your grid Main Breaker Panel amperage rating.

Live your life as usual and turn on all the lights and watch all the tv sets while the rest of the neighborhood is banging on your door to be let inside. And if you need some consulting on how to get this done just drop me a email and I will show you how easy it is.

D B Electric

Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's Time For A Subpanel Matched To Your Main Breaker

It is very easy to take the smaller 15 amp single pole loads out of your Main Breaker Panel and operate them for free using solar and wind charging devices, charge controllers, battery banking float voltage. With dc to ac pure sine wave microprocessor inverters that are so fast that computer/clock resets are not needed from voltage transfers of electrical power. 2 ac inputs island style connected and switchable. Example grid power and auto start generator power with options of additional solar wind.

The microprocessor inverters are the brains of automatic switching control as well as mixing different percentages amounts needed for voltage from different input sources 0% grid 100% autostart generator.The grid goes down from power outage and the autostart generator turns on automatically by the microprocessor inverter island style connection. This switching control gives options and manual settings also  This then allows the grid Main Breaker Panel to be used as a battery charger with ATS automatic transfer switching options. Banking lithium ion dc float voltage batteries in string sets can stop the grid tied meter from spinning for days or weeks before needing charging and are 100% sealed for zero gassing meaning they are safe inside your home as well as for climate control. Add solar and wind now the same microprocessor pure sinewave inverters have another source of automatic switching options. 0% grid 75% generator 25% battery bank inverter.

Pre set limits can be set as to which power source is the master and all others are slave with microprocessor control. Example grid shore power or grid camp ground power would trip the circuit breaker if the full load of the built in battery charger were made to operate the load. The microprocessor control has the answer by taking only a certain percentage from either source and adding the difference from other string sets of batteries, autostart generator, solar, wind. It is switching done by automation. And all this can be done over the web for free to have total control, monitoring, fault alerts by text or email and other options.

(1) Determine why the use or need for subpanel (example isolation from utility power but still have the ability to transfer power with island style ATS automatic transfer switch)
(2)  Main Breaker Panel 120 volt individual circuit  breakers located to subpanel (example: 15 amp single pole circuit breakers X ?)
(3) ATS automatic transfer switch Main Breaker Panel (example island style tap for monitoring connection, switching)

To isolate your Main Breaker Panel  from each individual 15 amp single pole circuit breakers for X ? amounts each wire, cable, NMB romex, conduit raceway item needs to be exact distance length plus makeup termination length for total length required to relocate to Subpanel. If the original wire is to short a termination box or gutter  that has access is the usual relocation method sizing original wire size to new exact same 100% example: thhn #14 solid black, white,ground,wire nut as required.

With sub-panel installed, circuit breakers wiring relocated the grid Main Breaker panel can still operate the larger 240 volt loads independently from sub-panel inverter power because the sub-panel is isolated from the grid Main Breaker Panel power. The only connection between grid Main Breaker Panel and sub-panel is ATS automatic transfer switch island style connected.

By starting small in building blocks of electrical power as you can afford the investment for the total outcome of which power source is the master and all others are slaves. Read past blog post and you will see that by adding options concerning electrical power are just that building blocks of electrical power.

Consulting online/onsite by retired master electrician with 42 years experience. Off the shelf products bundled and made to operate in harmony for clean, safe, reliable pure sine wave electrical power 7/24/365.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Switching Your Electrical Main Breaker Load To Zero & Island Style Connected

Your Main Load utility metered is grid tied connected throughout transmission in a path of transformers in different primary voltage applications to the power plant which is national grid island style  connected. Is a maze of interlocked overhead or underground primary voltage wires aka National Grid.  Switching pure sinewave inverters that are microprocessor controlled can be configured to adjust voltage from different ac sources and control voltage % needed for load into pure sinewave power. Two or more ac sources island style connected for switching load transfers so rapidly that computer/clock resets are not required.

Having the grid tied Main Load switching under microprocessor control allows further options to add PLC- SCADA-Solar-Wind into a maze of off the shelf quality products into a mini microgrid aka your own power plant island style connected.

Combining quality off the shelf components is required for adding switching control of your Main Breaker KW 120/240 single phase meter location. By adding other different island style connected voltage inputs from solar-wind-lithium ion battery banking-inverter hybrid mini microgrid electrical power is switchable. Voltage transfers from different power sources are adjust to % needed to maintain a constant pure sinewave voltage level so rapidly that computer/clock resets not required.

With quality off the shelf components switching under control the automation continues as wireless monitoring/control options. With text, email, fault reporting, hours logging reporting for off the shelf components eol end-of-life manufacturers shelf life can be data based cloud and a host of other software applications are possible with PLC SCADA switching control island style connected. Free web control with remote access by cell or computer

If your grid tied utility meter allows Net Metering this is a switching point to legally put electrical power back into the grid where the meter spins backwards or added meter hardware. If your grid tied utility meter provider does not accept back feed then you can make their usage zero for monthly billing. Having all these items under automation switching control you can use the grid for a smaller monthly billings by using the grid power for only dc battery charging. Add enough battery banking can make any grid tied electric meter to stop altogether.

Mini microgrid electrical power is just a bundled set of devices made to operate flawlessly together in island style harmony  for clean safe reliable 7/24/365 switching control. Small building blocks in steps like a jigsaw can be custom built to your dollar invested and needs.

Consulting by retired master electrician online/onsite

Prebuilt kit's matched to your Main Breaker, email support, troubleshooting online/onsite options, off grid telecom,homes,cabins,lodges,camps,towns,villages, Free electrical power from wind-solar-hybrid mini microgrids.

Ok there you go that is how easy it is to shut your electric meter to off legally, thanks for reading and feel free to post information along in unformatted entire content to others.

There is HOPE = helping others power everything
There is HOME = helping others make electricity 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Gunslinger Electric Apprenticeship Program

Fast and I mean freaky fast electrical work has always reminded me of an old tv show called Gunsmoke. The main fictional characte Matt Dillion has a seriness about him that you just knew that he was not one to be screwed with, calm well spoken words in a drawl that meant business. And his special lady friend Miss Kitty she would of went to hell and back for ole Matt, these were the tv programs of my day as a kid.

 Matt Dillion & Miss Kitty
Blake and Arness, 1966

Quality old school electrical craftsmanship that withstands the test of time is demanded from my apprentices that I have taught along the way. A team of boys with decades of projects under their belts are a well symphony orchestra of groomed speed and efficiency. But getting there was not easy it was earned the hard way by work, sweat and blood.

Taking the outcast wrong side of the tracks misdirected youths and molding them into fine young men with values of integrity, honesty reliability, respect. Don't lie, steal or cheat from others walk tall be proud of who you are and help others along the way pass it on pay it forward, pull your damn pants up and treat others as you treat yourself.

 Being a Father, master electrician now semi retired, volunteer firefighter retired, jack of all sometimes. A special breed of person it takes for someone wanting to run into a burning building to save another soul, hoorah my Brother firefighters from days gone by.

I think that you will agree our teenage kids are our paybacks for what we did as kids? My oldest Son could not stay in regular high school for his choices made so alternative ed was the next step because education is important. Trying to work full time and being a single Father yep my pay back for years gone by, suck it up make the best that God deals us and continue onward.

The only way I could even keep my Son in school was to become a drill sergeant and then hire half the class his pals and their shenanigans. Needless to say I took a group of these misunderstood teenage kids and drove them hard with long grueling days/nights of residential & commercial electrical work and made each of them attend their weekly schooling schedules if it meant driving them there myself.

Like a old time wild west gunfight show the quickness, speed and efficiency of a team of electricians that leave quality work behind is a sight to witness. The days of past are greatly missed the teens are grown now all in their 30's with families of their own. Not one went to prison all are fine young men that I hear from time to time. Some went to college, some stayed in the electrical field and some did not. All in there own way and words thank me for lessons learned the seriousness of going into harm's way and the moral values hammered into their souls.

There is good in all people sometimes you just need a drill sergeant attitude with calm well spoken words in a drawl that means business to teach misunderstood souls.

David Blume, owner
D B Electric

Primary 120 volt DC automatic battery bank to converter to Secondary 48 volt dc inverter

Any power source goes with the theory that the higher the voltage for the same watt load being driven the less that the amp load will be for the voltage increase. 
example watt/voltage=amp 1000/120=8.33 amp 1000/240=4.16 amp

Raise the solar/wind input voltage for battery bank float voltage storage and less amp drain will be pulled from the batteries for the same wattage being operated. 

Taking 10 total 12/volt 100 AH batteries and wiring in series positive to negative in the entire string float voltage is increased to 120/volt dc but the AH does not increase. To increase AH parallel positive to positive and negative to negative would give 1200 AH for the 10 batteries but the voltage would only be 12/volt. Knowing that 120/volt DC is 12 times more efficient then 12 volt DC for the same wattage load being driven makes sizing strings of float voltage batteries capable of making many electrical power options possible. To determine battery bank float voltage the converter or inverter voltage is the designed system requirement. 

String sets of float voltage batteries PLC controlled for cycle operation where no one set is drawn 20% leaving 80% in reserve pulled online for cycle operation and offline for charging/fault with proper HVAC environment give the eol end of life of every product its best performance and survival. The PLC gives total control of each string set where online cycle and offline cycle can isolate any one set from fault leaving remaining sets to cycle as necessary. 

600 to 1000 volt dc inverter

SMA STP24000TL-US-10 24kW, PV Inverter, Sunny Tripower series

With advancement in microprocessor controlled inverters and there dc input voltage now up to 1500 volt dc makes matching client wattage loads easy using this higher dc voltage.

A good example of this theory is 12/volt dc inverter virus 120/volt dc inverter for a 10,000 watt load being driven. Wattage/voltage=amperage 
10000/120=83.33 amp draw 10000/12=833.33 amp draw both have the same wattage loads but the voltage is increased to lower amp output for the same wattage load being driven. 

Using this principle then to match your 100 or 200 Main Grid meter and panel wattage load 24000/240/100 (100 Amp Main) aka 10 KW Wattage/voltage=amperage 48000/240/200 (200 Amp Main) aka 20 KW.  Consulting options available. 

Once again with microprocessor controlled inverters and other quality products it is very easy to use the utility meter as a battery charger to stop the meter from spinning with battery banking & inverter power for days or weeks at a time. It is also easy to add solar and wind hybrid electrical power and go off grid entirely. And it is possible to make your own power plant a mini micro grid taking 48/volt dc and above dc voltage to 7.2 KV (7200 volts primary AC) with step up transformers and loading step down transformers with on site secondary single & 3 phase loads. These types of electrical connections are called island style where they sense, monitor, and perform as designed to contactor type. Example 2 ac hot loads can be monitored and automatically transferred from grid to auto start generator or any other designed power source like a battery bank dc to ac inverter set up. These power transfers happen so rapidly that clock/computer resets are not necessary. By having microprocessor inverter control the programing can be set many different ways.Example like the battery bank is primary power source for client kw load instead of grid meter which is set to be used for battery charging and mixed with battery/grid power for high wattage demand draws automatically. 

 Utility companies have had dual voltage and other voltage primary options for many years.  Dual dc voltage options make the theory higher the voltage less the amp draw is lowered for the same wattage being operated. An example of this is the ISS International Space Station uses dual dc voltages primary that the solar charging takes to battery banks and steps down to power channels for onsite wattage usage. Once again it all works with switching contactors that are coils of different voltages not touching each other but electromagnet fields. Same principle as ac KV to ac KW transformers primary KV voltage does not touch secondary KW the electromagnetic fields are what steps KV to lower KW by coils. These ac coils have a certain number of wraps of wire around a iron core.

There are dc coils and transformer that will do the same principal as the ac coils it is just a different designed off the shelf product. As picture below example.

120 volt dc to 48 volt dc converter. So let's figure the numbers to see how this can save drain from the battery bank. Inverters  48 dc volt 10000 watt each for 120/240 single phase ac output

X 10=120v series                                      X 10=120v series

120v to 48v converters
                                                    Inverter                                  Inverter

                                       10000/48=208.33 amp            10000/48=208.33 amp
                                       10000/120=83.33 amp            10000/120-83.33 amp

By raising the dc voltage to 120 volt the same wattage being operated can be lowered for amp draw.

Consulting online/onsite email your request to D B Electric for your pure sinewave electrical power wattage needs.

D B Electric

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Your Grid Tied Meter Options & Your Off Grid Options

Being grid tied your meter usage for monthly billing is for every device that is operated during the month.  The usual service entrance for most residential homes are either 100 or 200 amps at 240 volt single phase.

The utility feed for these residential service connections are usually 7.2 KV primary voltage stepped down to KW by a transformer either overhead or underground primary KV to secondary KW. The residential amp load is figured as follows 
(wattage/voltage=amperage or amperageXvoltage=wattage).
100 amp single phase is 24000 watts
24000/7200=3.33 amps at primary transformer side
200 amp single phase is 48000 watts
48000/7200=6.66 amps at primary transformer side

Your home residential secondary to transformer is grid island style connection thru a series of sub stations in step down KV and step up MV voltage transformers back to the power plant that it came from or the national grid system. The reason for these different voltage levels KW KV MV is that the higher the voltage the less the AMP draw for the same WATTAGE being driven.

Grid connected auto start generators use this same island style switching and monitoring with a switch called ATS (automatic transfer switch). The switch senses the grid power and when it drops aka goes off line the auto start generator kicks on and transfers the load to generator power and stops any backfeed to utility power.
These switches work a with contactor NC normally closed or NO normally open and can be matched to your main breaker for automatic transfer of electrical power from grid to generator. If this ATS switch were not in place when the power went off line the secondary utility wires would become energised if the generator was running meaning that the transformer also would become energised. That is why the ATS is very important for protecting and transferring electrical power.

Solar/wind is an investment that can legally lower or stop your grid tied utility meter from spinning. Some utilities companies dislike this as they want to you to continue paying them for peak and off peak billings as they see fit to charge you for there electrical power. Yet other utilities companies have what is called NET METERING where they pay you to legally feed power back into the grid with this island style connection

This is how easy it is then to take solar/wind totally off grid out in the middle of nowhere and make your own grid thru step up KV transformers and step down  KW transformers for ONSITE usage . By the higher the voltage and less the amp draw theories for the same wattage being driven then makes this all possible. In theory then by using battery bank float voltage dc to single or 3 phase ac 120/240/480 thru pure sine wave inverters matched to KW load back feeding a transformer aka LINE SIDE makes the KV voltage possible from it's KW source

What makes this even better is the island style connection makes mupitail LOAD SIDE transformers possible anywhere. By taking this KV voltage to the onsite source location where the KW voltage is needed is less voltage drop on large acreages for homes, business, farms, ranches, hunting lodges, crop watering, telecom. 

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Wireless Microwave Electrical Power Transmission

Even after 42 years of electrical knowledge as a retired master electrician I am still adding and learning new off the shelf products and technology as it becomes available onto today's market. My entire career has always lead me to believe that by using quality materials with quality craftsmanship are that service call backs will be non existence. Do the project correctly the 1st time and every time for a fine tuned electrical operating system that gives years of trouble free operation.

 Always looking for new different electrical power charging sources that can be (1) hybrid combined with other wind/solar/? sources of power (2) PLC automation controlled (3) zero fuel emission if possible or on auto start generator to lower fuel consumption & running time (4) quality products that economically will last the eol End Of Life cycle for operation hours.

A article written by Michael Shu, has information on the subject here is the link

Many more good reading reports from the Stanford students!

Wireless Power Transmission

Michael Shu
December 9, 2011

Submitted as coursework for PH240, Stanford University, Fall 2011

After stirring up the thought of what the #### is this all about? I went looking on the web for the answer and discovered that by doing a google search. It gave information on how microwave technology can wireless transmission up to 1000 kilowatts  electrical power from space to earth with solar arrays placed in outer space and beamed back to earth by microwave or laser. It has been known that for many years now that the military, telecom, commercial application are already using these forms of wireless transmission for electrical power. aka Shot a microwave signal off a satellite  and pick the signal up anywhere on earth and convert it back into electrical power.

A article called.

Space Based Solar Power, solar power satellite (SPS) concept

 written by 

Describes the space voltage wireless transmission and voltage options

Seems as with research that there are many who want to stay tight lipped on this wireless transmission of electrical power and others want to unfold arrays of solar panels for large outer space solar farms. Either way solar/wind hybrid electrical power is here to  stay and with microprocessors to control switching it will only get better and faster as technology involves.

And we can not forget about Tesla and his many theories, inventions and all that he gave to us all.
There are some big time electronics manufacturers using Tesla inventions according to this article written by
Jason Mick (Blog) - November 12, 2013 9:24 AM

Tesla-Inspired Metamaterial Converts 900 MHz Microwaves to Power - See more at:

Then the many web search hits about Japan and there claims that NASA is doing research on the International Space Station using this microwave power transmission. 

In conclusion it appears that the transmission of electrical power is possible and will advance as technology, new products and the right people to bring it altogether Your next pure sinewave inverter someday will be hooked to a satellite dish.

D B Electric

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)


SCADA is one of many tools that can be used while working in an environment where operational duties need to be monitored through electronic communication instead of locally. For example, an operator can position a valve to open or close through SCADA without leaving the control station or the computer. The SCADA system also can switch a pump or motor on or off and has the capability of putting motors on a "Hand" operating status, Off, or Automatic. "Hand" refers to operating the equipment locally, while Automatic has the equipment operate according to set points the operator provides on a computer that can communicate with the equipment through SCADA.

SCADA gives PLC automation the brains to interact with switching-monitoring-control-email fault reporting-and anything else you can dream up or throw at it for automation control. More code writing and programing is required but well worth the time spent with professional engineers, programmers and a host of others for trouble free system automation of any project.

But also SCADA can be self taught with a whole lot of reading and prototypes, sampling and research and development by someone wanting to tone it down but still having the ability to add new items when they become available on today's market or system updates.

Combining certain dc to ac inverters in stacked and racked bundles for increased ac amperage output in parallel connection, automation is necessary to control both dc voltage/amperage and ac voltage/amperage. By having ATS (automatic transfer switch) up to 1,600 amp matched to SCADA PLC many options are available. These connections are island style where they can monitor grid, generator, battery bank inverter power or any other power source and automatically switch back and forth as programed with SCADA PLC automation. These island style power transfers are so fast that clock/computer resets are not needed

There are large scale projects in operation in the USA and elsewhere that are using this same principle to make MV (1 MV=100,000/volts) from lithium ion battery banking. During off peak hours the charging cycles are doing there thing. During peak hours the dc battery banks are brought online for cycle operation. These systems do not have solar or wind charging they are using the grid as a battery charger and storing off peak hours into dc banks to cycle over and over as described.

As for your secondary voltage/load any secondary voltage can have switchable transformers that are designed for solar/wind applications to step up the voltage to 7.2  KV primary ac voltage island style connected using SCADA PLC automation to make mini microgrids possible anywhere.

Your own mini microgrid for free electrical power is very easy by combining these different off the shelf products that are all controlled by SCADA PLC automation to make voltage/amperage matched to the clients needs possible anywhere on grid or off grid.

Homes cabins, ranches, farms, crop watering, agriculture, telecom, remote off grid, villages free electrical power is an investment of quality products matched to clients requirements for clean, safe, reliable, electrical power 7/24/365.

D B Electric

Monday, January 18, 2016

Residential Power Outage (pigged tailed according folded true series circuit)

Trying to determine power outage faults in a wiring harness in Residential homes done by others is enough to confuse even the most seasoned electricians who have tackled nightmare service calls. I enjoy these challenges where others fear to tread I want a solution for my clients that is safe, reliable and stops why they called me in the 1st place.

A cold winter day here in Michigan with lake effect snow doing the inch an hour weather thing and the phone rings with a residential service call of garage outlets not working? Not to displease the client as I was the 3rd fellow called to arrive to determine why within 24 hours the outlets were working and the next day they were not?

Garage outlets should have GFCI ground fault circuit interrupter protection which none were visible in any garage area, all circuit breakers were on and not tripped in every main breaker panel and subpanel. Pulled devices out of boxes for voltage/visual inspection all were a mess of backstabbed wiring into rear of each device still no power?  Counted 11 openings that were affected with this power outage so far 15 minutes into this and than I go looking inside the home for Tripped GFCI outlets. Found it, the 1st floor bathroom sink counter GFCI outlet was tripped did the reset and all 11 devices came back on.

Ok problem solved?  No because it will just happen again over and over better to FIX it correctly.

Solution is to remove load NMB wire from this bathroom GFCI outlet and disconnect it entirely from this 11 circuit feed. Taking that load off the bathroom GFCI will make hair dryer curling irons and the many other gadgets that are operated in this room operate more efficiently and stop the GFCI from tripping all the time.  But the next problem is that there is no electrical power panels close to the garage to start running new circuit breakers and wires to re energise the 11 devices that need breaker protection. Ok to fix this now is to run 100/amp 240/volt to the garage with a breaker feed from basement sub panel 100' distance all emt to finished drywall painted garage walls with 3/4" plywood used for sub panel mounting & emt conduit strapping. All looks good in basement sub panel other than no ground wire to ground rod present? Will note this on Punch List.

Another 3 hours preparing Punch List MS word along with Materials Report MS SS with store skew numbering and link for each product emailed off to client with follow up phone call.

It never seems to amaze me on the wiring short cuts and substandard/minimum code work does by others. After explaining pigged tailed according folded true series circuit to clients they are amazed that why there electrician did not do this in the 1st place? Instead of just ramming the wiring into the rear of a electrical outlet or switch device take the time to pigged tailed according folded true series circuit every device. Quality craftsmanship will outlast and outperform any short cut back stabbed  wiring harness every time. 

By adding 1 white additional wire to the 2 original white wires a tap wire to the device is made aka true series circuit these same steps apply for the black hot wires and ground bare wire. What this solves and stops is when wiring is back stabbed in time they become loose from heat and age they become bad knocking power out not only at this point but every device downstream from it also.

Now the fun begins, as usually the whole house needs this fix completed to have 100%  pigged tailed according folded true series circuit throughout the entire home wiring harness

Follow ups to let you know how this works out with photos will continue.

D B Electric

Sunday, January 17, 2016

REDUCE Electrical Amp Load Made Easy

Numbers never lie concerning electrical power requirements wattage/voltage=amperage it's the same time after time project after project. By raising operating voltage the amp load can be lowered for the same wattage load being driven. Example 1000/120=8.33 amp 1000/240=4.16 amp 1000/480=2.08 amp. All three voltages are operating the same wattage load for a entirely different amperage output by adjusting to these 3 different voltage applications.

Having this knowledge then makes it possible for some off the shelf products to become bundled together for a operating system called a mini microgrid sinewave electrical power system  that can be MATCHED to any client monthly KW usage. By matching this monthly KW load to the following dc battery banking, microprocessor inverter dc to ac and Programmable Logic Controller PLC, solar/wind hybrid dc to ac charging. All combined items makes up the mini microgrid components that operate by PLC control for automation of all required switching of both dc side and the ac side for there required heat, voltage, chemical reactions and any other source of monitoring required.

Control of the entire mini microgrid electrical power can be web controlled for monitoring, email fault alerting, reporting daily history of input/output giving 100% control over the web for free.

So what does the amazing mini microgrid look like? Well as described above these mini microgrids have to be MATCHED to client KW monthly usage meaning that each one may look different but they all contain the same components and electrical theories for the most efficient operation possible.

By combining all these different sources of electrical power for their required KW monthly requirements gives free electrical power with many options that are available. Homes, business, ranches, farms, agriculture crop watering, cabins, telecom, off grid remote locations all can have safe clean reliable electrical power 7/24/365 by these mini microgrids. 

Consulting clients worldwide online/onsite, custom built kits, project management by retired master electrician with 42 years of experience. D  B Electric is a family owned and operated electrical contracting business with over 70 years combined experience giving HOPE (helping others power everything) to our clients worldwide. 

What would you do if I told you that large scale utility companies in the USA and abroad are doing this same dc lithium ion battery banking to ac inverter systems also making MV voltages and above? Just 1 MV is 100,000 AC volts and these systems are producing more than 1 MV.

During off peak hours these type of systems are cycle charged and then during peak demand are brought online to be grid tied supplementing power plant grid power demands. This technology is also referred to as island style connection where grid power is 100% monitored and brought online and offline with automatic transfer switching ATS.  This same theory can be scaled down into mini microgrid electrical power dc to ac. Meaning that you can use the grid power as a cycle battery charger giving your KW load usage over to mini micro grid without solar/wind charging only battery and grid ATS. 

D B Electric offers quality craftsmanship, quality materials, quality consulting with every project and mission that we complete. 2016 remote location mini grid openings are available for booking anywhere worldwide as well as container pre built mini microgrid matched to client KW load.

D B Electric
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