Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Electrical Grid Quality Power To Alternative Energy Sources

Just the facts concerning Grid Quality Electrical Power mixed with alternative electrical power.

When considering any alternative electrical energy system a ATS (automatic transfer switch) is usually a common practice for isolation and protection from Grid Quality electrical voltage. The principle works with auto start fueled generators whereas when grid power is lost there are a few seconds down time and the auto start generator kicks in. When grid electrical power is resumed than once again the ATS does it's job and turns the fueled generator off. Having ATS control allows for additional switching points to interconnect with alternative electrical energy sources.

Grid Quality electrical power can be copied and made into a smaller footprint for onsite hybrid microgrid electrical power and where Net Metering is allowed and a source to sell electrical power back to the utility provider.  Some utilities do not allow Net Metering backfeed into their transmission systems so the next step is called Net Zero meaning zero monthly electrical billings. With the many new advancements in recent years in electronics, alternative electrical power can copy grid quality electrical power and produce Net Zero goals with just off the shelf products that are made to be blended with other manufacturers products of the same grid quality components. 

Benefitting residential and commercial clients with alternative electrical energy and consulting options with over 42 years as a retired master electrician. Working with vendors, engineers & others who offer grid quality off the shelf products that are designed for alternative electrical energy sources of power like solar and wind and any hybrid green source all made to operate nicely together.  

You do not need to be a rocket science or have knowledge what so ever to understand the working model of a hybrid electric microgrid. And the reason is PLC (programmable logic control) it is the workhorse that tells the many different forms of electrical power what to do and to operate in harmony together. With the world today replacement is the order of the day if a product wears out replace it with a more efficient one. Examples of this are residential appliances that are older wear out from time and useage and are replaced with ENERGY STAR RATED more efficient ones.  Same principle for PLC control that only needs wired once as the programming is done over a computer saving time and money. Every part built into a microgrid should be monitored for many reasons like fault and 7/24/365 for EOL (end of life) on component run time hours of operation. Aircraft and others use these same EOL for operation run time, it is a proven workhorse that does its job. 

The bottom line is alternative electrical works and can produce Net Zero and Net Metering safely reliably, and efficiently. What is even better is that there is zero down time from various sources of electrical power transfers. The old days are gone when you had a few seconds of down time before the auto start generators kicked in. Now on to today with inverter power transfers that are so fast that clock or computer resets are not needed with grid quality off the shelf products.

Mixing the jigsaw puzzle of various products aka vendors together for a safe, reliable and efficient mini microgrid electrical system system can be done in stages and is upgrade-able as your wattage loads demands increase.Simply said your current AC loads can become free with the investment of grid quality off the shelf products from various vendors.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Residential Net Zero

Residential utility customers can now have zero monthly billing!

Wikipedia describes Net Zero as the following.

Zero-energy building

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-energy_building  

With advancements in today's electronics it is possible to stop utility billing meters from spinning for days and weeks at a time or to net zero legally by battery banking storage and alternative energy sources like solar and wind. Needless this has some utility companies upset and they do not allow back-feed into their transmission lines. Pure sinewave National Grid electrical power is produced in 50 or 60 hertz depending which country the utility is located in. What that means is within one second it is bouncing up and down 50 or 60 times. ATS (automatic transfer switch) can isolate grid tied electrical power and from fossil fuel generators, alternative energy electrical power and many other options. This then is a switching breaking point free from utility grid electrical power providers to size residential homes daily wattage needs with these grid quality off the shelf components and taking their monthly billings to ZERO. 

Well if it is that dam easy to do this how in the heck do you start such a project? 
Very simple I say with 42 years as a retired master electrician, in small steps as your funding permits and keep adding till you reach the Net Zero goal for your usage. Electrical power is no more than NUMBERS sized, matched, adjusted, planned, engineered into any given electrical need. Producing more electrical power than you need is not difficult to accomplish if the NUMBERS are matched properly. Alternative electrical power is no more than adding different forms of green energy together and making the mix all operate together in harmony. 

Sounds interesting where can I buy such a product? 
Quality off the shelf components can be purchased from various vendors worldwide. The key here is to purchase only grid quality components even if the application will be operated off grid. Also any product must be able to mix with other grid quality components as system design calls for and have upgradable options. 
PLC (programmable logic controller) was first designed for industrial applications to run automotive factories. Others have caught onto this automation device and throughout the years many have made it there workhorse for many industrial and commercial applications. As has electrical utilities with their PLC SCADA for transmission, billing, troubleshooting, monitoring and other applications. So naturally the PLC is the chosen workhorse for green alternative electrical energy also. The trendy modern term for mixing up all these different forms of electrical power together is called a microgrid. Microgrid electrical power by design can be built in steps and if grid quality components were followed throughout than it is designed to play nicely with other microgrids of similar build or the National Grid or any other form of grid quality electrical power

Well by now you are either tickled pink or could care less? 
Either way there are legal easy steps to stop utility meters from spinning and if you are one of those that wants a clean, safe, reliable and efficient electrical microgrid than check this out. (There are grid quality products that can switch from various electrical power sources so fast that clock or computer resets are not necessary.  The old days are gone by the wayside of when utility power was lost and there was a 10 second delay before the generator kicked in by auto start methods) With all this mix of new wonderful tecknowledgey called microgrid electrical power greenhouse gases from fossil fuels can be greatly lowered or stopped altogether. Battery banking alone can take any auto start existing fueled backup generator to 70% lower fuel consumption or stop it altogether.

Thank you for your time and if microgrid electrical power is your next investment into the lowering your monthly utility usage than please feel free to contact us with your needs.

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