Monday, September 19, 2016

Electrical Power The Witches Brew Of Net Zero Power Sources

Grid quality electrical power is a maze of transmission cables and transformers, generators and a host of electrical and electronic equipment. Understanding that generating electrical power in either 50 or 60 hertz for grid quality electrical power to customers worldwide, means a monthly billing for each one. This attachment to electrical power source has many switching capabilities for Net Zero, Net Metering capabilities for residential, commercial, industrial customers worldwide.

With the advancement in grid quality pure sinewave inverters grid quality electrical power can be matched to any grid tied electrical billing usage. These smart microprocessor controlled inverters can pick and choose which source of electrical power to operate the required wattage being operated. With electrical power transfers that are so fast between different sources that computer or clock resets are not necessary. There are many grid quality vendors on today's market that offer off the shelf products that can be mixed and matched to any wattage requirements.

By taking DC battery banking float voltage and storing this DC voltage than can produce massive amounts of electrical power in many different AC voltage ranges from KW, KV, MW options. What this means for electrical utilities customers is that they can size battery banks to their required needs and tell the electric meter to stay off for days or weeks at a time by this storage method until battery charging may be required.

Grid quality electrical power can be adjusted and made to operate efficiently with other devices as required to clients operating wattage numbers. Solar, wind and any hybrid electrical energy can all be gathered and made to operate together efficiently with quality grid tied products from various quality vendors.  

PV Solar uses no battery storage they generate grid quality electrical power from micro inverters in either single or 3 phase voltage options.  Net Metering has angered some utility providers and they do not allow backfeed into their grid systems. ATF (automatic transfer switch) solves the backfeed issue to utility grid electrical power and takes the grid off line during the day while the sun shines. PV Solar can also have battery bank control and be a switchable storage source of DC to AC for cloudy days and nighttime operation. A battery bank will allow the utility grid meter to be stopped for days or weeks at a time before charging may be required,

The maze and Rubik's cube of products required to make this new electrical power possible may appear to be a Witches Brew of devices?  Not so, it simply is just an investment in grid quality off the shelf products matched to clients operating wattage requirements. 


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Friday, September 9, 2016

How to Diagnose Common Residential Electrical Issues

When it comes to diagnosing common electrical issues in  residential applications 

Understanding what Line, Load, Switch Leg, Neutral, Ground and all related wiring, circuit breakers, devices, contactors, appliances and more are necessary to properly diagnose any known fault issue.

Grid tied electrical energy 120 240 volts as used in most homes in the US is very dangerous and can kill if improperly handled because it is always going to take the least resistance to ground.

The best advice is to turn off voltage at MAIN BREAKER before attempting any diagnose or repair and if you are unsure on how to tackle the issue at hand call in a professional who has the skills to perform the task for you.

With the advancement in today's off the shelf technologies and internet control of grid electrical power or off grid electrical power can be easily matched to any wattage load using just wind & solar with battery banking storage, this technology is referred to as aka mini microgrid.  

By producing more primary KV voltage than the secondary KW voltage and wattage requirements ensures a reliable source of electrical power for remote locations or grid tied switching locations. 

 Power companies and others in the US are already using these new technologies by charging lithium ion battery banking during off peak hours and bringing back online during peak hours.

10 MW =  example of this 

Consulting clients by a retired master electrician with over 42 years of residential, commercial, industrial experience in grid tied and off grid with Pure Sine Wave Inverter Electrical Energy.  
Power transfers so fast that clock or computer resets are not necessary.  
Solar, Wind, Alternative Energy, PLC SCADA,  
Quality craftsmanship matched to quality grid tied plug and play rated off the shelf products with custom cable or buss bar application options.

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