Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It all started out with a client wanting 1 ceiling fan removed and a 1 new light hung in it's replacement reusing original wiring.

After discovering that the original ceiling fan was unswitched meant that a problem had risen and a solution was to be discovered by troubleshooting methods. Traced the wiring voltage back to the main breaker panel and a 120 volt 20 amp circurit breaker marked Garage . The plot thickens as the wiring in the box at the ceiling fan opening is only 14 2 NMB spliced solid to stranded for unknown reason? This meaning the 142 NMB wiring was over loaded, the plot thickens.

Having killed electrical power to the circurit breaker a tone generator was placed on the original wiring at the ceiling fan removal location. The path that this 14 2 NMB spliced solid to stranded for unknown reason was traced out and terminated in a octagon metal junction box on the garage area.
The wiring from the circurit breaker is 12 2 NMB and is run thru this conduit. Also the power to feed the 14 2 NMB ceiling fan is tapped off this junction and another 12 2 NMB is stubbed down from the attic into this junction? 

Solution remove 14 2 NMB from junction box in garage to ceiling fan removal locations and refeed with new 14 2 NMB wiring from old fan opening and switched interiour light by front door making both lights come on together off the original switch and wiring. 

Rehang 2 new LED 19.1fixtures that can be dimmable 

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Electrical Energy Power Voltage & Wattage Loads

Whether grid tied or off grid electrical alternative energy power AC voltage both take wattage to operate AC electrical devices like lights, outlet loads, pumps and everything inbetween!

Grid tied relies on the Main Breaker or Fuse, load side meter design amperage rating. 
Off grid relies on system design to match onsite electrical energy daily wattage usage.

AC electrical energy power voltage has many theories from the very start of its invention.

An example of this is that by raising voltage lowers amperage for the very same wattage being operated, the formula is wattage/voltage=amperage & voltage X amperage=wattage.  A standard grid tied secondary that is 200 amp 120 240 voltage single phase residential line drop is 48,000 watts controlled by Main Breaker and billed by utility meter.  This same grid tied 48,000 wattage load is only 6.67 amps on primary Line Side 7200 volts and then transformed down to secondary.

Off grid alternative electrical energy power voltage can greatly benefit from the history of  AC electrical power by mixing and matching the numbers. The same off the shelf grid quality utility transformers are available for wind and solar switching PLC SCADA for grid tied or remote onsite system designs. Needless to say this has angered some utilities and they do not allow Primary or Secondary Net Metering into their utility grids. The next step than is NET ZERO it is very easy to legally stop a grid tied utility meter from spinning for days or weeks at a time before any battery bank or banking charging maybe required.

Today's grid quality off the shelf  DC to AC inverters are so fast on switching from one voltage source to another voltage source that clock or computer resets are not necessary.

The same principles apply to AC transformers whether grid tied or off grid alternative electrical energy as long as the quality of the voltage is designed to be matched.
Image result for photo of generator
An example if a grid tied service drop was back feeded by an onsite 120 240 volt generator  it would charge the transformer to 7200 volts if there was no grid tied voltage present. If the secondary line was energised by utility voltage it would blow the generator up and possibly cause a fire. Not good ideas as it could also kill a linesman or oneself if improperly designed and operated. This is why ATS (automatic transfer switch) protects and switches various voltages from one another.  ATS is no more than a contactor based system that can be either normally open or normally closed once again it is in system design.
By taking grid quality off the shelf vendor products from various vendors worldwide makes it possible to have grid quality electrical energy even out in the middle of nowhere and the options are endless for wattage and voltage requirements in single or three phase options. 

By mixing solar and wind and any alternative energy a microgrid is formed and the options are endless as everyone's needs differ from their onsite wattage load requirements. D B Electric solution is to custom tailored each individual onsite usage demands and built in stages as funding permits. Bottom line alternative electrical energy is an investment that pays for itself and system design makes it safe, reliable and efficient. 

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Friday, February 17, 2017

inverter AC electrical power energy

With the many different types of  DC to AC inverters on today's market the 2 big players are Pure Sinewave and Modified Sinewave inverters. The Pure Sinewave inverters will always outperform the Modified Sinewave inverters because of the parallel inverter grid quality stacking for the AC wattage needs.

The best solution in alternative electrical energy is to use inverters that are capable of being stacked for higher onsite AC voltage & amperage needs. Along with producing the matching grid tied voltage if available. By taking grid quality off the shelf components from various vendors worldwide  that can produce grid quality electrical energy power in either 50 or 60 hertz, are all switching points that can be configured into endless microgrid electrical energy power needs.

Mixing and matching the numbers all by microprocessor control are yet more endless configurations of switching possibilities but out performs standard ATS switching for onsite autostart generators. The old school days of waiting for 10 seconds for a autostart generator to kick on after a grid tied power loss is over with by the newer pure sinewave inverters on today's market that are microprocessor controlled. By mixing and matching all these grid quality vendors gives total control of onsite electrical energy power and all transfers needs from one source of AC voltage to another source of AC voltage is possible. All this switching with this newer tecknowledgey is so fast that clock or computer resets are not necessary the old days of waiting 10 seconds are gone.

Any AC electrical device takes wattage to operate knowing your daily onsite wattage needs sets a target to match those numbers into alternative electrical energy power needs that can be built in stages as funding permits to achieve the required target numbers. Meaning start small and keeping adding by using grid quality off the shelf components from various vendors worldwide and you can have your own microgrid electrical energy power.

Microgrid electrical energy power is an investment that pays for itself with FREE electrical energy power. Mixing and matching multiple solar & wind switching sources from alternative electrical energy power into the onsite wattage requirements.

What makes this all easy is the microprocessor control and the endless switching possibilities that can all be controlled, monitoring, operational thru PLC (programmable logic controller) & SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). Remotely from anywhere in the world for efficient, safe and reliable grid quality electrical energy power.

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