Monday, November 21, 2016

Electric Grid Tied Residential Troubleshooting

Service call from client asking why am I having electrical issues like tripping circuit breakers and buzzing and humming going on at Main Breaker Panel?

This type of cable whether copper or aluminum conductors has either a cloth or plastic covering and when age and weather takes it toll and removes this protection. It is time to consider upgrading the grid tied weather head to utility connection cable cable along with doing a wattage assessment of current and future wattage loads.

Most residential customers have no idea what their actual wattage loads are they just pay their monthly utility Kwh billings and it is business as usual with their electrical power needs. In short a residential wattage load is the wattage it takes to operate a device, example a 60 watt 120 volt light bulb. Now continue onward and add and total every appliance, device, and 120 and 240 volt load that a residential customer's draws off their utility grid aka Wattage Load Report.

After finding the total wattage load numbers then it is understandable why these older grid tied service's are failing for the overloaded loads that they are trying to operate. Electrical power is no more than a lot of numbers mixed, matched and designed into an operating systems aka it's all in the numbers if properly designed to do so.

The cooler you can run most electrical devices the more efficient it takes to operate usually is a agreed theory concerning electrical power. If original circuit breakers are loaded to the maximum opening allowed or were not followed by openings allowance than once again it is no wonder older electrical wiring faults are occurring. Trying to start a electrical motor and compressor for a refrigerator takes more electrical power at startup than it does during the running cycle, if this circuit breaker is already loaded with other loads than it is lagging and starving the refrigerator on startup. And it is also generating more heat in the motors and compressors during this startup and is not being efficient.

Leaving a 20% reserve in a new designed systems gives a cushion on Main Breaker residential loads. Meaning take wattage loads and design them to operate the Main Breaker to only 80% of breaker rating capacity operating no higher than that and leaving 20% in reserve. Deadcating circuit breakers for individual wattage loads like refrigerators, freezers and washing machines and other high demand startup devices like HVAC . Makes these appliance operate more efficiently saving on monthly electrical billing.

If your old grid tied electrical service is having issues we have the knowledge and years of quality craftsmanship to solve any original wiring issue. Book a time and date for an onsite meeting

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Monday, November 14, 2016

SHTF Electrical Power

When SHTF and you no longer have grid quality electrical power what are you going to do?

Grid quality electrical power can be copied and manufactured by alternative energy sources and using off the shelf products bundled and  mixed into what is called a microgrid. Taking different sources of alternative energy like solar, wind, lithium ion battery/capacitor banking and any type of renewable energy mixed together and made to operate safe, efficient, reliable aka microgrid electric power.

Grid quality alternative electrical power is easy to copy by adding up the wattage load needing the electrical power to operate the necessary devices, that means every toaster, tv, appliance and load that you plan to operate. Meaning total the amount of wattage devices that you intend to operate and the amount of daily hours that you intend to operate these devices, It is just that simple with grid quality alternative electrical power.  This list is called a Wattage Load List that is then sized to the necessary designed operating parts aka microgrid to meet those needs.

Utilities grids and other are reaping the benefits of lithium ion battery tecknowledgey by charging these batteries during off peak hours and bringing online during peak demand. This same advancement can be scaled down for onsite residential and commercial useage worldwide in either 50 or 60 hertz and in either single or 3 phase voltage output options. Utilities for years have designed their systems for higher voltages to reduce amperage loads for the same wattage being operated. That means by stepping up any voltage the amperage is lowered for the same wattage load being operated also. (wattage/voltage=amperage)

Understanding that grid quality microgrid electrical power is designed to play nicely together in harmony for Net Zero daily useage giving microgrid owners free unlimited electrical power and for Net Metering daily useage giving microgrid owners the ability to pump electrical power back into their utility grid. Needless to say this has angered some utilities and they do not allow backfeed into their systems so first check with your utility provider to see which system works best for your needs.

The bottom line is grid quality alternative electrical power works and is an investment that pays for itself with free electrical power.

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