Monday, August 1, 2016

Mini Microgrid Electrical Energy


By daisy chaining various products on today's market free electrical power is an investment that can pay for itself and offer clean reliable pure sine wave grid quality electrical power that can be either grid or off grid tied. Single & 3 Phase secondary KW voltage options. With KV voltage options for KW load balancing and onsite transmission options along with Net Metering options.

 Either way each system can be designed to meet the demand for each customer's electrical energy required wattage usage that is island style connected as utilities, industrial and business have done for years with PLC SCADA control. 

DC lithium ion battery storage for solar and wind can provide unlimited amounts of clean pure sine wave AC electrical power. As utilities and others are currently using by charging during off peak hours and bringing online during peak demand. 

Newer PV systems on today's market that need no battery storage but hook directly into existing electrical panels with dedicated circuit breakers can also be daisy chained into this type of PLC SCADA Mini Microgrid island style connection.

The future is here today to harness many different forms of green electrical power into an investment that pays for itself with proven technologies. 

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