Sunday, May 15, 2016

Electrical Punch List Residential Manufactured Housing Old Inventory

Many years of knowledge comes in handy when even attempting this mission. Because true series circuit pigged tailed according folded throughout and branch circuit step down Main Breaker is way too much additional work for the assembly line of older Manufactured Housing. Instead a host of backstabbed or blocks of outlets and switches that are intermixed on circuit breakers and loaded to maximum allowable National Electric Code openings of the time if one is lucky enough to find with tone generating the older wiring harness.

Then comes issues of current National Electric Code standards to bring this older Manufactured Housing up to current modern useage as most have only 50 amp 240 volt fuse or breaker protection from utility grid electrical power. Some older Manufactured Housing parks still use these utility connections for Meter Base & Weather Proof Main Breaker protection using the new smart meter tecknowledgey.

A Punch List walk thru numbered itemized with photo issues tells the story of what's wrong and a Material List tells the story of how much the materials will amount to for minimum National Electric Code standards to repair older Manufactured Housing inventory. Then a host of fees for permits, inspections and required documentation,

What is great here by upgrading the electrical wiring to current National Electric Code standards. Is that just do not meet the minimum standards but instead leave quality craftsmanship above code. An example would be to make large 120 volt amperage appliance draw on individual circuit breaker protection using the step down amperage placement to Main Breaker buss bar. There are other above minimum code steps like not mixing outlets and lights on the same branch circuit protection meaning if you trip a outlet you will not knock your lights out.

A number of other steps could also be implemented into this older Manufactured Housing Inventory like solar and wind. Just step back and realize the potential of large communities pumping more electrical power back into the utility grid than they are using. Every home with solar panels facing South and small 48 volt dc wind turbines can be interconnected to make primary voltage to feed transformer voltages is easy to make with SCADA PLC switching control.

Quality inverter dc to ac pure sine wave electrical power is so fast on switching from one source of electrical power to another source of electrical power that computer or clock resets are not necessary.

This is all made possible by island style connection the same type used by utility grids for many years but inner mixed with newer tecknowledgey like the solar and wind. Lets just see how smart these new utility grid smart meters really are with Net Metering. It is every easy to make more electrical power than you are using by using lithium ion battery banking to make massive amounts of electrical power.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Primary Voltage Mini Micro Grid

Utilities have used higher the voltage less the amp for the same wattage being operated theories for many years in transmission and in step up and step down voltage options.

 And so can anyone by adding solar, wind and any other charging source of electrical power it is very easy to take quality off the shelf products and mingle them into mini micro grid dc to ac pure sinewave electrical power that can match and mingle with grid power, generator, other ac sources. 

Producing more electrical energy than is being consumed is just a jigsaw puzzle of quality off the shelf products. Where Net Metering is allowed this excess electrical power is a bounous win and power outages are a thing of the past.

Massive amounts of electrical power can be stored into lithium ion battery banking as utilities and others are charging on off peak hours and bringing online during peak demands. Same principals but scaled down for mini micro grid residential/commercial island style connections.

Your own 7200 volt 7.2 KV mini micro grid. A residential single phase ac 200/amp 240/volt load is less than 7 amps at 7200 volts. Stepping up voltage lowers amperage rating for the same wattage being operated. This is all possible by once again quality off the shelf products mingled with island style PLC SCADA switching control. 

Consulting and pre built units can be matched to any clients requirements. Bounous win is that free electrical power is here today and is safe, reliable and unlimited because it's all in the numbers matched to operate efficiently for each client. Total off grid options are endless as this mini micro grid electrical power does not need connection to any grid power. You are your own grid system overhead or underground primary voltage transmission and switching options controlled by PLC SCADA control mingled to island style connect to step up and down voltage options in single or 3 phase options. 

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Residential Electrical Walk Thru Inspection May 3 2016

What was to be a simple water heater change out from gas to electric lead to the discovery of major electrical issues inside a clients recently purchased home.

The home breaker panel was stuffed full of wiring with no concern of wire placement to the circuit breaker placement on the original set up. And many tandem (piggyback circuit breakers) producing more heat than is necessary in the home breaker panel to gain additional space.

The solution to the fix was to remove over loaded panel and replace with larger 200 amperage load center panel along with new larger wiring from pole Main Breaker to new Home breaker Sub Panel.

The Main Breaker Panel was pole mounted but was not Main Breaker protected instead it was only Sub Panel 100/amp 240/volt single phase KW. Meaning that with all breakers in the off position there was still electrical power on the buss bar. The only way to cut all power to the buss bar was to unplug utility meter from the meter base. A unskilled or untrained person could of turned all the breakers to the off position and thought that the power was off, only to find that the buss bar was indeed energised. 

The solution was to remove pole mounted Sub Panel and replace with 200/amp Main Breaker weather proof pole mounted panel with enough breaker openings for further upgrades like Solar/Wind/Auto Start Generator and many other options.

By increasing the amperage from 100 to 200 amps and installing the stepping down method of the highest amperage breaker closest to the Main Breaker on down with bundled and organised wiring makes possible dissipating heat for all circuits breakers possible. A circuit breaker is designed to restrict the amount of amperage which produces heat. If piggyback breakers are used the heat factor to the buss bar is increased. The below photo acts like a heat sink and dissipates the heat factor as rapidly as possible. Any circuit breaker will only to take the designed loading and trip from fault or dead short if correctly grounded to the proper conductors, wires or cables.

Finely with these electrical issues fixed there was room for the additional breaker and wiring to be placed to operate the new water heater properly with no over loading or no overheating issues. It is much better to do the job correctly for safety reasons alone the 1st time around with no short cuts. 

Consulting and Walk Thru Inspections options are available to determine if your Main Breaker is correctly installed and operating as efficiently as possible. Book a date and time from Face Book or Website.

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