Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Older Manufacture Housing Roadway Security Pole Lighting

The mission grid tied 31 down 19 operating 50 total!
What really makes older communities a nightmare to retrofit with new grid tied light fixtures is if new trenching needs completed than the existing underground utilities are within a 3' either side of Miss Dig flagging for each utility. Meaning a lot of careful labor intensive hand digging to bury new PVC or Rigid conduits as most of these older communities are direct burial UF cables 120 volt.

With the advancement in LED and solar it is cheaper in man hours alone to consider using free solar power to light up these areas using the existing metal poles in place.
The above photos are

30 Watt Solar Night Hawk Street Light With Remote and Timer Functions

The new 30 watt Night Hawk is the brightest solar street light ever made!
This fully commercial grade light features an adjustable solar panel so you can get the best angle for your panel while mounting the light where you want it.
This light has 60 super bright LED bulbs that put out a combined 3,000 Lumen!
We recommend using an iron or steel pole that is 15' to 25' with an external diameter of 3" or smaller at the top. Aluminum poles that are 12 gauge or lower are also adequate.

Other options available are wireless or hardwired pole mount security camera systems LAN (local area network) with PLC (programmable logic controller) alerts, data storage, theft fixture protection,

Other Vendors on today's market have similar products available 

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