Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Extreme Off Grid Electrical

     Extreme weather conditions can not stop the production of off grid alternative AC electrical energy if proper design is taken into consideration. PLC (programmable logic controller) that controls computer controlled software applications like the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). Alternative AC electrical  power needs countless onsite maintenance for solar panels like dust,snow free. SCADA is a PLC control system that can control and monitor electrical systems and is a proven work horse for utilities worldwide. This same software can be scaled down for any off grid electrical power usage and production.

     2016 has seen some great worldwide solar & wind projects completed that have out paced coal electrical production. Many new off the shelf products like water less solar panel brush tract cleaners, KW to KV transformers with idle time savings up to 40% and a host of new grid quality off the shelf products like lithium ion battery banking from some big time market players. Which are now being used by grid tied utilities making many MV electrical voltage  just 1 MV = 100,000 volts of electrical energy. By charging on off peak hours and bring online during high demand useage. They are discovering many new advantages like stableasastion to their grid tied systems by this battery banking tecknowledgey.

     Mixing and matching  high quality off the shelf products from various vendors worldwide and assembled into any required operating load for electrical AC power source in either single or 3 phase with many voltage options in either 50 or 60 hertz. by mixing solar, wind and whatever other alternative electrical power source together. This mixing and mingling is called microgrid electrical power SCADA PLC controlled. 

Mini microgrid is grid quality pure sinewave AC off grid electrical power that can take 48 volt DC or any DC voltage and turn it into 7200 volts AC for many onsite residential and commercial off grid  electrical energy needs and demands. Parallel stacking can increase amperage output for any required onsite load demand. Stable reliable switching transfers of AC electrical power so fast that clock or computer rests are not required. It never has been as easy than it is today to make free electrical power from alternative electrical energy.

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