Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Extreme Off Grid Electrical

     Extreme weather conditions can not stop the production of off grid alternative AC electrical energy if proper design is taken into consideration. PLC (programmable logic controller) that controls computer controlled software applications like the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). Alternative AC electrical  power needs countless onsite maintenance for solar panels like dust,snow free. SCADA is a PLC control system that can control and monitor electrical systems and is a proven work horse for utilities worldwide. This same software can be scaled down for any off grid electrical power usage and production.

     2016 has seen some great worldwide solar & wind projects completed that have out paced coal electrical production. Many new off the shelf products like water less solar panel brush tract cleaners, KW to KV transformers with idle time savings up to 40% and a host of new grid quality off the shelf products like lithium ion battery banking from some big time market players. Which are now being used by grid tied utilities making many MV electrical voltage  just 1 MV = 100,000 volts of electrical energy. By charging on off peak hours and bring online during high demand useage. They are discovering many new advantages like stableasastion to their grid tied systems by this battery banking tecknowledgey.

     Mixing and matching  high quality off the shelf products from various vendors worldwide and assembled into any required operating load for electrical AC power source in either single or 3 phase with many voltage options in either 50 or 60 hertz. by mixing solar, wind and whatever other alternative electrical power source together. This mixing and mingling is called microgrid electrical power SCADA PLC controlled. 

Mini microgrid is grid quality pure sinewave AC off grid electrical power that can take 48 volt DC or any DC voltage and turn it into 7200 volts AC for many onsite residential and commercial off grid  electrical energy needs and demands. Parallel stacking can increase amperage output for any required onsite load demand. Stable reliable switching transfers of AC electrical power so fast that clock or computer rests are not required. It never has been as easy than it is today to make free electrical power from alternative electrical energy.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Electric Grid Tied Residential Troubleshooting

Service call from client asking why am I having electrical issues like tripping circuit breakers and buzzing and humming going on at Main Breaker Panel?

This type of cable whether copper or aluminum conductors has either a cloth or plastic covering and when age and weather takes it toll and removes this protection. It is time to consider upgrading the grid tied weather head to utility connection cable cable along with doing a wattage assessment of current and future wattage loads.

Most residential customers have no idea what their actual wattage loads are they just pay their monthly utility Kwh billings and it is business as usual with their electrical power needs. In short a residential wattage load is the wattage it takes to operate a device, example a 60 watt 120 volt light bulb. Now continue onward and add and total every appliance, device, and 120 and 240 volt load that a residential customer's draws off their utility grid aka Wattage Load Report.

After finding the total wattage load numbers then it is understandable why these older grid tied service's are failing for the overloaded loads that they are trying to operate. Electrical power is no more than a lot of numbers mixed, matched and designed into an operating systems aka it's all in the numbers if properly designed to do so.

The cooler you can run most electrical devices the more efficient it takes to operate usually is a agreed theory concerning electrical power. If original circuit breakers are loaded to the maximum opening allowed or were not followed by openings allowance than once again it is no wonder older electrical wiring faults are occurring. Trying to start a electrical motor and compressor for a refrigerator takes more electrical power at startup than it does during the running cycle, if this circuit breaker is already loaded with other loads than it is lagging and starving the refrigerator on startup. And it is also generating more heat in the motors and compressors during this startup and is not being efficient.

Leaving a 20% reserve in a new designed systems gives a cushion on Main Breaker residential loads. Meaning take wattage loads and design them to operate the Main Breaker to only 80% of breaker rating capacity operating no higher than that and leaving 20% in reserve. Deadcating circuit breakers for individual wattage loads like refrigerators, freezers and washing machines and other high demand startup devices like HVAC . Makes these appliance operate more efficiently saving on monthly electrical billing.

If your old grid tied electrical service is having issues we have the knowledge and years of quality craftsmanship to solve any original wiring issue. Book a time and date for an onsite meeting

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Monday, November 14, 2016

SHTF Electrical Power

When SHTF and you no longer have grid quality electrical power what are you going to do?

Grid quality electrical power can be copied and manufactured by alternative energy sources and using off the shelf products bundled and  mixed into what is called a microgrid. Taking different sources of alternative energy like solar, wind, lithium ion battery/capacitor banking and any type of renewable energy mixed together and made to operate safe, efficient, reliable aka microgrid electric power.

Grid quality alternative electrical power is easy to copy by adding up the wattage load needing the electrical power to operate the necessary devices, that means every toaster, tv, appliance and load that you plan to operate. Meaning total the amount of wattage devices that you intend to operate and the amount of daily hours that you intend to operate these devices, It is just that simple with grid quality alternative electrical power.  This list is called a Wattage Load List that is then sized to the necessary designed operating parts aka microgrid to meet those needs.

Utilities grids and other are reaping the benefits of lithium ion battery tecknowledgey by charging these batteries during off peak hours and bringing online during peak demand. This same advancement can be scaled down for onsite residential and commercial useage worldwide in either 50 or 60 hertz and in either single or 3 phase voltage output options. Utilities for years have designed their systems for higher voltages to reduce amperage loads for the same wattage being operated. That means by stepping up any voltage the amperage is lowered for the same wattage load being operated also. (wattage/voltage=amperage)

Understanding that grid quality microgrid electrical power is designed to play nicely together in harmony for Net Zero daily useage giving microgrid owners free unlimited electrical power and for Net Metering daily useage giving microgrid owners the ability to pump electrical power back into their utility grid. Needless to say this has angered some utilities and they do not allow backfeed into their systems so first check with your utility provider to see which system works best for your needs.

The bottom line is grid quality alternative electrical power works and is an investment that pays for itself with free electrical power.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Electrical Grid Quality Power To Alternative Energy Sources

Just the facts concerning Grid Quality Electrical Power mixed with alternative electrical power.

When considering any alternative electrical energy system a ATS (automatic transfer switch) is usually a common practice for isolation and protection from Grid Quality electrical voltage. The principle works with auto start fueled generators whereas when grid power is lost there are a few seconds down time and the auto start generator kicks in. When grid electrical power is resumed than once again the ATS does it's job and turns the fueled generator off. Having ATS control allows for additional switching points to interconnect with alternative electrical energy sources.

Grid Quality electrical power can be copied and made into a smaller footprint for onsite hybrid microgrid electrical power and where Net Metering is allowed and a source to sell electrical power back to the utility provider.  Some utilities do not allow Net Metering backfeed into their transmission systems so the next step is called Net Zero meaning zero monthly electrical billings. With the many new advancements in recent years in electronics, alternative electrical power can copy grid quality electrical power and produce Net Zero goals with just off the shelf products that are made to be blended with other manufacturers products of the same grid quality components. 

Benefitting residential and commercial clients with alternative electrical energy and consulting options with over 42 years as a retired master electrician. Working with vendors, engineers & others who offer grid quality off the shelf products that are designed for alternative electrical energy sources of power like solar and wind and any hybrid green source all made to operate nicely together.  

You do not need to be a rocket science or have knowledge what so ever to understand the working model of a hybrid electric microgrid. And the reason is PLC (programmable logic control) it is the workhorse that tells the many different forms of electrical power what to do and to operate in harmony together. With the world today replacement is the order of the day if a product wears out replace it with a more efficient one. Examples of this are residential appliances that are older wear out from time and useage and are replaced with ENERGY STAR RATED more efficient ones.  Same principle for PLC control that only needs wired once as the programming is done over a computer saving time and money. Every part built into a microgrid should be monitored for many reasons like fault and 7/24/365 for EOL (end of life) on component run time hours of operation. Aircraft and others use these same EOL for operation run time, it is a proven workhorse that does its job. 

The bottom line is alternative electrical works and can produce Net Zero and Net Metering safely reliably, and efficiently. What is even better is that there is zero down time from various sources of electrical power transfers. The old days are gone when you had a few seconds of down time before the auto start generators kicked in. Now on to today with inverter power transfers that are so fast that clock or computer resets are not needed with grid quality off the shelf products.

Mixing the jigsaw puzzle of various products aka vendors together for a safe, reliable and efficient mini microgrid electrical system system can be done in stages and is upgrade-able as your wattage loads demands increase.Simply said your current AC loads can become free with the investment of grid quality off the shelf products from various vendors.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Residential Net Zero

Residential utility customers can now have zero monthly billing!

Wikipedia describes Net Zero as the following.

Zero-energy building

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-energy_building  

With advancements in today's electronics it is possible to stop utility billing meters from spinning for days and weeks at a time or to net zero legally by battery banking storage and alternative energy sources like solar and wind. Needless this has some utility companies upset and they do not allow back-feed into their transmission lines. Pure sinewave National Grid electrical power is produced in 50 or 60 hertz depending which country the utility is located in. What that means is within one second it is bouncing up and down 50 or 60 times. ATS (automatic transfer switch) can isolate grid tied electrical power and from fossil fuel generators, alternative energy electrical power and many other options. This then is a switching breaking point free from utility grid electrical power providers to size residential homes daily wattage needs with these grid quality off the shelf components and taking their monthly billings to ZERO. 

Well if it is that dam easy to do this how in the heck do you start such a project? 
Very simple I say with 42 years as a retired master electrician, in small steps as your funding permits and keep adding till you reach the Net Zero goal for your usage. Electrical power is no more than NUMBERS sized, matched, adjusted, planned, engineered into any given electrical need. Producing more electrical power than you need is not difficult to accomplish if the NUMBERS are matched properly. Alternative electrical power is no more than adding different forms of green energy together and making the mix all operate together in harmony. 

Sounds interesting where can I buy such a product? 
Quality off the shelf components can be purchased from various vendors worldwide. The key here is to purchase only grid quality components even if the application will be operated off grid. Also any product must be able to mix with other grid quality components as system design calls for and have upgradable options. 
PLC (programmable logic controller) was first designed for industrial applications to run automotive factories. Others have caught onto this automation device and throughout the years many have made it there workhorse for many industrial and commercial applications. As has electrical utilities with their PLC SCADA for transmission, billing, troubleshooting, monitoring and other applications. So naturally the PLC is the chosen workhorse for green alternative electrical energy also. The trendy modern term for mixing up all these different forms of electrical power together is called a microgrid. Microgrid electrical power by design can be built in steps and if grid quality components were followed throughout than it is designed to play nicely with other microgrids of similar build or the National Grid or any other form of grid quality electrical power

Well by now you are either tickled pink or could care less? 
Either way there are legal easy steps to stop utility meters from spinning and if you are one of those that wants a clean, safe, reliable and efficient electrical microgrid than check this out. (There are grid quality products that can switch from various electrical power sources so fast that clock or computer resets are not necessary.  The old days are gone by the wayside of when utility power was lost and there was a 10 second delay before the generator kicked in by auto start methods) With all this mix of new wonderful tecknowledgey called microgrid electrical power greenhouse gases from fossil fuels can be greatly lowered or stopped altogether. Battery banking alone can take any auto start existing fueled backup generator to 70% lower fuel consumption or stop it altogether.

Thank you for your time and if microgrid electrical power is your next investment into the lowering your monthly utility usage than please feel free to contact us with your needs.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Electrical Power The Witches Brew Of Net Zero Power Sources

Grid quality electrical power is a maze of transmission cables and transformers, generators and a host of electrical and electronic equipment. Understanding that generating electrical power in either 50 or 60 hertz for grid quality electrical power to customers worldwide, means a monthly billing for each one. This attachment to electrical power source has many switching capabilities for Net Zero, Net Metering capabilities for residential, commercial, industrial customers worldwide.

With the advancement in grid quality pure sinewave inverters grid quality electrical power can be matched to any grid tied electrical billing usage. These smart microprocessor controlled inverters can pick and choose which source of electrical power to operate the required wattage being operated. With electrical power transfers that are so fast between different sources that computer or clock resets are not necessary. There are many grid quality vendors on today's market that offer off the shelf products that can be mixed and matched to any wattage requirements.

By taking DC battery banking float voltage and storing this DC voltage than can produce massive amounts of electrical power in many different AC voltage ranges from KW, KV, MW options. What this means for electrical utilities customers is that they can size battery banks to their required needs and tell the electric meter to stay off for days or weeks at a time by this storage method until battery charging may be required.

Grid quality electrical power can be adjusted and made to operate efficiently with other devices as required to clients operating wattage numbers. Solar, wind and any hybrid electrical energy can all be gathered and made to operate together efficiently with quality grid tied products from various quality vendors.  

PV Solar uses no battery storage they generate grid quality electrical power from micro inverters in either single or 3 phase voltage options.  Net Metering has angered some utility providers and they do not allow backfeed into their grid systems. ATF (automatic transfer switch) solves the backfeed issue to utility grid electrical power and takes the grid off line during the day while the sun shines. PV Solar can also have battery bank control and be a switchable storage source of DC to AC for cloudy days and nighttime operation. A battery bank will allow the utility grid meter to be stopped for days or weeks at a time before charging may be required,

The maze and Rubik's cube of products required to make this new electrical power possible may appear to be a Witches Brew of devices?  Not so, it simply is just an investment in grid quality off the shelf products matched to clients operating wattage requirements. 


D B Electric 

Friday, September 9, 2016

How to Diagnose Common Residential Electrical Issues

When it comes to diagnosing common electrical issues in  residential applications 

Understanding what Line, Load, Switch Leg, Neutral, Ground and all related wiring, circuit breakers, devices, contactors, appliances and more are necessary to properly diagnose any known fault issue.

Grid tied electrical energy 120 240 volts as used in most homes in the US is very dangerous and can kill if improperly handled because it is always going to take the least resistance to ground.

The best advice is to turn off voltage at MAIN BREAKER before attempting any diagnose or repair and if you are unsure on how to tackle the issue at hand call in a professional who has the skills to perform the task for you.

With the advancement in today's off the shelf technologies and internet control of grid electrical power or off grid electrical power can be easily matched to any wattage load using just wind & solar with battery banking storage, this technology is referred to as aka mini microgrid.  

By producing more primary KV voltage than the secondary KW voltage and wattage requirements ensures a reliable source of electrical power for remote locations or grid tied switching locations. 

 Power companies and others in the US are already using these new technologies by charging lithium ion battery banking during off peak hours and bringing back online during peak hours.

10 MW =  example of this 

Consulting clients by a retired master electrician with over 42 years of residential, commercial, industrial experience in grid tied and off grid with Pure Sine Wave Inverter Electrical Energy.  
Power transfers so fast that clock or computer resets are not necessary.  
Solar, Wind, Alternative Energy, PLC SCADA,  
Quality craftsmanship matched to quality grid tied plug and play rated off the shelf products with custom cable or buss bar application options.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Mini Microgrid Electrical Energy


By daisy chaining various products on today's market free electrical power is an investment that can pay for itself and offer clean reliable pure sine wave grid quality electrical power that can be either grid or off grid tied. Single & 3 Phase secondary KW voltage options. With KV voltage options for KW load balancing and onsite transmission options along with Net Metering options.

 Either way each system can be designed to meet the demand for each customer's electrical energy required wattage usage that is island style connected as utilities, industrial and business have done for years with PLC SCADA control. 

DC lithium ion battery storage for solar and wind can provide unlimited amounts of clean pure sine wave AC electrical power. As utilities and others are currently using by charging during off peak hours and bringing online during peak demand. 

Newer PV systems on today's market that need no battery storage but hook directly into existing electrical panels with dedicated circuit breakers can also be daisy chained into this type of PLC SCADA Mini Microgrid island style connection.

The future is here today to harness many different forms of green electrical power into an investment that pays for itself with proven technologies. 

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Older Manufacture Housing Roadway Security Pole Lighting

The mission grid tied 31 down 19 operating 50 total!
What really makes older communities a nightmare to retrofit with new grid tied light fixtures is if new trenching needs completed than the existing underground utilities are within a 3' either side of Miss Dig flagging for each utility. Meaning a lot of careful labor intensive hand digging to bury new PVC or Rigid conduits as most of these older communities are direct burial UF cables 120 volt.

With the advancement in LED and solar it is cheaper in man hours alone to consider using free solar power to light up these areas using the existing metal poles in place.
The above photos are

30 Watt Solar Night Hawk Street Light With Remote and Timer Functions

The new 30 watt Night Hawk is the brightest solar street light ever made!
This fully commercial grade light features an adjustable solar panel so you can get the best angle for your panel while mounting the light where you want it.
This light has 60 super bright LED bulbs that put out a combined 3,000 Lumen!
We recommend using an iron or steel pole that is 15' to 25' with an external diameter of 3" or smaller at the top. Aluminum poles that are 12 gauge or lower are also adequate.

Other options available are wireless or hardwired pole mount security camera systems LAN (local area network) with PLC (programmable logic controller) alerts, data storage, theft fixture protection,

Other Vendors on today's market have similar products available 

D B Electric


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Electrical Punch List Residential Manufactured Housing Old Inventory

Many years of knowledge comes in handy when even attempting this mission. Because true series circuit pigged tailed according folded throughout and branch circuit step down Main Breaker is way too much additional work for the assembly line of older Manufactured Housing. Instead a host of backstabbed or blocks of outlets and switches that are intermixed on circuit breakers and loaded to maximum allowable National Electric Code openings of the time if one is lucky enough to find with tone generating the older wiring harness.

Then comes issues of current National Electric Code standards to bring this older Manufactured Housing up to current modern useage as most have only 50 amp 240 volt fuse or breaker protection from utility grid electrical power. Some older Manufactured Housing parks still use these utility connections for Meter Base & Weather Proof Main Breaker protection using the new smart meter tecknowledgey.

A Punch List walk thru numbered itemized with photo issues tells the story of what's wrong and a Material List tells the story of how much the materials will amount to for minimum National Electric Code standards to repair older Manufactured Housing inventory. Then a host of fees for permits, inspections and required documentation,

What is great here by upgrading the electrical wiring to current National Electric Code standards. Is that just do not meet the minimum standards but instead leave quality craftsmanship above code. An example would be to make large 120 volt amperage appliance draw on individual circuit breaker protection using the step down amperage placement to Main Breaker buss bar. There are other above minimum code steps like not mixing outlets and lights on the same branch circuit protection meaning if you trip a outlet you will not knock your lights out.

A number of other steps could also be implemented into this older Manufactured Housing Inventory like solar and wind. Just step back and realize the potential of large communities pumping more electrical power back into the utility grid than they are using. Every home with solar panels facing South and small 48 volt dc wind turbines can be interconnected to make primary voltage to feed transformer voltages is easy to make with SCADA PLC switching control.

Quality inverter dc to ac pure sine wave electrical power is so fast on switching from one source of electrical power to another source of electrical power that computer or clock resets are not necessary.

This is all made possible by island style connection the same type used by utility grids for many years but inner mixed with newer tecknowledgey like the solar and wind. Lets just see how smart these new utility grid smart meters really are with Net Metering. It is every easy to make more electrical power than you are using by using lithium ion battery banking to make massive amounts of electrical power.

Contact D B Electric for your electrical consulting on your older Manufactured Housing Inventory issues.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Primary Voltage Mini Micro Grid

Utilities have used higher the voltage less the amp for the same wattage being operated theories for many years in transmission and in step up and step down voltage options.

 And so can anyone by adding solar, wind and any other charging source of electrical power it is very easy to take quality off the shelf products and mingle them into mini micro grid dc to ac pure sinewave electrical power that can match and mingle with grid power, generator, other ac sources. 

Producing more electrical energy than is being consumed is just a jigsaw puzzle of quality off the shelf products. Where Net Metering is allowed this excess electrical power is a bounous win and power outages are a thing of the past.

Massive amounts of electrical power can be stored into lithium ion battery banking as utilities and others are charging on off peak hours and bringing online during peak demands. Same principals but scaled down for mini micro grid residential/commercial island style connections.

Your own 7200 volt 7.2 KV mini micro grid. A residential single phase ac 200/amp 240/volt load is less than 7 amps at 7200 volts. Stepping up voltage lowers amperage rating for the same wattage being operated. This is all possible by once again quality off the shelf products mingled with island style PLC SCADA switching control. 

Consulting and pre built units can be matched to any clients requirements. Bounous win is that free electrical power is here today and is safe, reliable and unlimited because it's all in the numbers matched to operate efficiently for each client. Total off grid options are endless as this mini micro grid electrical power does not need connection to any grid power. You are your own grid system overhead or underground primary voltage transmission and switching options controlled by PLC SCADA control mingled to island style connect to step up and down voltage options in single or 3 phase options. 

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Residential Electrical Walk Thru Inspection May 3 2016

What was to be a simple water heater change out from gas to electric lead to the discovery of major electrical issues inside a clients recently purchased home.

The home breaker panel was stuffed full of wiring with no concern of wire placement to the circuit breaker placement on the original set up. And many tandem (piggyback circuit breakers) producing more heat than is necessary in the home breaker panel to gain additional space.

The solution to the fix was to remove over loaded panel and replace with larger 200 amperage load center panel along with new larger wiring from pole Main Breaker to new Home breaker Sub Panel.

The Main Breaker Panel was pole mounted but was not Main Breaker protected instead it was only Sub Panel 100/amp 240/volt single phase KW. Meaning that with all breakers in the off position there was still electrical power on the buss bar. The only way to cut all power to the buss bar was to unplug utility meter from the meter base. A unskilled or untrained person could of turned all the breakers to the off position and thought that the power was off, only to find that the buss bar was indeed energised. 

The solution was to remove pole mounted Sub Panel and replace with 200/amp Main Breaker weather proof pole mounted panel with enough breaker openings for further upgrades like Solar/Wind/Auto Start Generator and many other options.

By increasing the amperage from 100 to 200 amps and installing the stepping down method of the highest amperage breaker closest to the Main Breaker on down with bundled and organised wiring makes possible dissipating heat for all circuits breakers possible. A circuit breaker is designed to restrict the amount of amperage which produces heat. If piggyback breakers are used the heat factor to the buss bar is increased. The below photo acts like a heat sink and dissipates the heat factor as rapidly as possible. Any circuit breaker will only to take the designed loading and trip from fault or dead short if correctly grounded to the proper conductors, wires or cables.

Finely with these electrical issues fixed there was room for the additional breaker and wiring to be placed to operate the new water heater properly with no over loading or no overheating issues. It is much better to do the job correctly for safety reasons alone the 1st time around with no short cuts. 

Consulting and Walk Thru Inspections options are available to determine if your Main Breaker is correctly installed and operating as efficiently as possible. Book a date and time from Face Book or Website.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mini Micro Grid PLC SCADA Control

Using electrical theories of the higher the voltage the less amp draw for the same wattage being operated opens many possibilities for free electrical power by investing in alternative energy. Any 50 or 60 hertz mini micro grid system in either single or 3 phase voltages can be designed and controlled with quality off the shelf products to tap this free  alternative energy.

By taking solar, wind and any other source of input and stepping it up to a higher voltage makes smaller wire and breaker size possible.

 Example (wattage/voltage=amperage) or (amperage X voltage=wattage) Most US residential homes have a main breaker panel rated for 200 amps (200 X 240 = 48000). So knowing that 200 amps is 48000 watts at 240 volts than means that same 48000 watt load at 7200 volts will equal less than 7 amps. 

This is why the jigsaw puzzle of alternative energy products need to play nicely together in a harmony of Island Style connections that can be grid tied or totally off grid connected. By combining these off the shelf products you are making your own mini micro grid system that has total PLC SCADA control and operation. There are alternative energy products on today's market that can do just that and so fast on power transfers from differents power sources are that computer or clock resets are not necessary.  

With many new advancements in lithium ion battery technology it is very easy to produce and store dc energy and convert it to ac electrical power. Proof of this is that utility companies are doing just that, charging dc batteries on off peak hours and bringing back online during peak hours and there systems are making MV (100,000) and above voltages.  

Consulting options on  alternative energy are available to meet any electrical requirement by retired master electrician and family business owner. 

D B Electric

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Shed Kits

Shed Kits from Home Depot can be purchased in various sizes and types. Or can be custom built for any application

 1/16 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Plastic Panel

They make excellent greenhouse out buildings when insulated and finished on the inside. 

Added electrical power to operate any thing from 120 volt outlets and security lights to 240 volt ballast 1000 watt HPS with 240 volt timer control and HVAC for year round use.

Above Photo Controls
1-100 amp 240 volt Subpanel
4-240 volt 24 hour timer
4-2 kw 240 volt outlets timer controlled
4-1000 watt HPS 240 volt
1-HVAC thru the wall 240 volt 3 kw
1-parr flood motion light on 1-single pole switch 120 volt
2-interior lights on 2-single pole switches 120 volt
3-wall outlets 120 volt
3-ceiling outlets 120 volt
4-additional 1000 watt HPS is designed into system for additional load with plug and play operation

With Spring right around the corner D B Electric has been busy building these kits for clients one farmer had a cooler for his asparagus to be cooled down to 38 degree fahrenheit built and another had a greenhouse timer controlled for all types of vegetables, both had the thru the wall HVAC 240 volt. Contact D B Electric for all your grid tied or off grid electrical needs, we also can assemble shed building kits or custom build one for any application. 

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

600 amp dc switching contactor

A source for off the shelf quality switching dc contactors at http://www.ametekswitch.com/DC-Contactors/DC-Contactors-JEY48-Tabs.aspx gives battery banking bus bar connenctions easy for bolt on  appliciations.

Series negative to positive connection of float voltage batteries gives the required float voltage but the AH battery rating does not increase. Example 4 100 AH 12-volt battery series connected will equal 48 volt dc 100 AH. To increase AH parallel neg to neg and pos to pos would give 400 AH but only 12 volt dc.

String sets of float voltage batteries can be contactor controlled to make massive amounts of dc to ac electrical power possible. High amp contactors makes switching these string sets possible and very easy the hard part comes with PLC automation dc switching control to pull fault sets or charging sets offline as required to battery drain percentage. This is what D B Electric calls smart switching on the dc side of mini microgrid electrical power. PLC SCADA interconnects with grid utility and can take solar, wind, hybrid electrical power for back feed when systems are producing more than they are using onsite.

Electrical grid utility sinewave power can be matched to quality high end dc to ac microprocessor controlled inverter electrical power with switching transfers so fast that computer & clock resets are not needed. In either 50 or 60 hertz single and 3 phase with voltages matched to clients needs.

Small building blocks of off the shelf electrical power is possible by purchasing supplies as funding is available and island style connections in steps to achieve your own mini microgrid  electrical power. Electrical power is very easy to safely produce with total control and protection. And with quality materials that have years of off the shelf life cycles for trouble free reliable and dependable electrical power.

D B Electric offers freelance consulting with 42 years experience. D B Electric can show you how easy off grid or grid tied electrical power is. It's all in the numbers your ac monthly wattage load matched to different forms of alternative energy sources (wind, solar, hydro, hybrid) can lower, stop, or legally back feed into grid power and many other options.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Kick Single Phase AC to 3 Phase Static Phase Converter

480 volt 3 phase light circuits from single phase power

Static Phase Converter
240 volt single phase to 480 volt 3 phase

Different methods are available to make single phase electrical power into 3 phase electrical power. 

The reason for these higher voltage ages are that less amperage is consumed for the same wattage being operated. Example wattage/voltage=amps 120 volt single phase load at 1000 watt 1000/120=8.33 rounded off is 10 amp draw. Kick the voltage up for the same 1000 watt load to 480 volt and see the savings 1000/480=2.08. 

Matching wattage loads is simple by totaling wattage to quantity of light fixtures operated at different voltage levels to determine lower utility cost or off grid to lower battery bank drain. Then size breaker protection at the higher voltage in 3 phase subpanel to control the required loads. 

Once again it comes down to another switching point and breaker protection to control load to PLC smart microprocessor controlled island switching that has SCADA options

Endless options for free electrical power is possible by adding solar & wind for netzero metering, green energy, off grid  electrical power and island style control on both dc & ac voltage levels.

Three phase electrical power can lower amp output by higher voltage increasing mini micro grid electrical power can be building blocks off the shelf built in stages as an investment that pays for itself and opens other electrical options as a charging sources for electric autos, crop watering remote power, telecom, cabins. 

Electrical energy is a pure sinewave in utility grid transmission and generation that can be easily matched to power transfers from different sources added together to made an island style connected system aka mini micro grid electrical power. 

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