Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Saddle Up Unlimited Energy Any Where

Going on 42 years as a master electrician/volunteer firefighter/small business owner both retired and the third ready to ready to saddle up for a prosperous New Year.  I look upon 2016 as a year to knock it out of the ballpark concerning free electrical power from solar and wind. Thankful for the many years/skills it's time to put it all together. dc to ac  a better greener electrical power and that is going to be completed by the higher the voltage the less the amperage theories, automation devices mini micro grids. That can be pre-built shipped any where and hooked up anywhere by local electricians, aka huge lithium ion sites producing 100,000 voltages and more in use worldwide right now. But smaller units containerized HVAC climate controlled 7200/volt ac to onsite secondary 120/240 volt aka mini micro grid. Quality craftsmanship, quality materials equals clean, safe, reliable free electrical power 7/24/365.

To all of our blog followers, Clients new and past as always may the good Lord bless you in your journeys thru life, that the sunshines and the wind blows your micro mini grid efficiently.

What residential troubleshooting completed in 2015 was new lessons learned from nightmare residential wiring harness, ect completed by others. The top 3 are as follows (1) 240/volt well pressure switch 4" found 3/8" tube frozen solution small heat tape on different circuit (2) 240/volt main panel upside down solution homeowner refused to turn it around, explained the additional heat being generated to no avail (3) service call no power up bed room? Found more than 40 openings on 1 single pole breaker, Solution homeowner says it worked before make it work again. Not safe that's over 40 outlets and lights.

New Year, new beginnings, new projects and new journeys saddle up 2016 I am committed to the task at hand with the blessings of the good Lord all is possible. Our commitments of being a small family owned and operated business ready for whatever wherever or however the project needs clean safe reliable electrical power D B Electric has you covered. Happy 2016 to one and all!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Knob & Two Old Wiring Harness 2016 Jimmy

Jimmy needs help he sent these 2 photo of current residential electrical issues.

knob & two entire wiring harness & service un grounded outdated under amped.

  Entire new wiring harness trench cutted walls/ceiling, etc as necessary with all new devices outlets/switches, etc. Rebuild service to minimum 100/amp option for 200/amp and up 2" riser pipe thru soffit with utility cable wire wedge insulator clamp connected to rizer

Waiting for Jimmy to reply with which type course of action 

D B Electric
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Numbers and Free Info Unlimited Electrical Power New Year

And Here Comes 2016 Another New Year Is To Begin

By reading the blog 

 Inverter/Battery Bank/PLC-Microgrid Energy 

you might learn that free electrical power is easy simple safe reliable 7/24/365 

written by D B Electric  

 Over 41 years of quality electrical craftsmanship 

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And the many other forms of communications are building blocks of information that has been written and shared for the purpose of knowledge given, so that others can learn new techniques in electrical power. D B Electric is a family owned and operated business with 100% integrity, honesty and reliability as core values. With over 41 years as a retired master electrician and business owner that offers consulting and project management to Clients worldwide along with custom built microgrids that can be either off grid or grid tied by local electricians in your area. Wattage loads are sized to Clients requirements for clean, safe, reliable 7/24/365 sinewave electrical power using solar and wind working lithium ion battery banking controlled by smart switching PLC automation. Our custom built systems use various vendors to offer the best off the shelf products that are on today's market from simple to complex to meet any Client's requirement or needs. Our many years of electrical contracting experience we have taken those skills into the dc to ac inverter market and custom designed a system that takes dc voltage converts it to 7200 volts ac and back down to 120/240 for onsite power usage. By doing this along with smart switching multiple battery banks 20% and using solar, wind, auto start generators can cut fuel consumption up to 70% or eliminate it altogether, along with producing massive amounts of free power. This form of electrical power energy is called micro grid aka dc ac inverter pure sine wave  clean, safe, reliable 7/24/365.

Step Down Side On Site Secondary
7200/volt to 120/240 Volt
Single Phase
Charging Side
Clients Wattage Loads
Input side Micro Grid
battery bank voltage dc
dc ac inverter voltage
onsite voltage 7200

Your Very Own Onsite Microgrid Electrical power any where all monitored over the web for free with vendor supplied software options. This is not new tecknowledgey aka pure sine wave power hospitals, industrial, telecom remote power and others have used it for years.

What D B Electric has done is simplified the complex jigsaw puzzle of off the shelf quality products
and make them all operate with other off the shelf quality products as building blocks of electrical power combined together for the end result of meeting onsite wattage requirements aka micro grid. 
Every item is monitored 7/24/365 in a network of electronics that is HVAC climate controlled for over or under heating of equipment requirements. aka ideal environment. 

It's All In The Numbers Wattage Load Tailored To Client's Requirements  
Numbers Concerning Electrical Power Energy Never Lie
Free Power Is Easy Because Of  Numbers
2016 Another New Number

Happy New Year To One And All 
Let This Be Your Free Power Year

D B Electric

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Conduit Raceways & Commercial Projects

  • 6 ft whip pre wired with 3/8 in. flex

concealed cover plaster ring
NEC Code/Your Authority will not allow NMB and other styles of romex wiring to be installed in commercial buildings above certain floor levels or not at all. To find the code in your area check with the zoning and permit section of your local authority for their rules and regulations. Mostly only emt, imc, rigid conduit and BX metal flexible for whips up to 6' for light fixtures/troffers into drop ceilings. As well as other materials rated for commercial use are allowed.
surfaced mounted cover

 Custom bending of these conduit raceways can be surface mounted or concealed inside walls and ceilings. No more than 4-90 degree turns can be made from start to end of any race way and many other rules apply concerning conduit raceway systems for commercial inspection concerning NEC Code/Your Authority. If the distance takes more than 4-90 degree turns then pull boxes are needed, but once again you can only make 4 turns before another pull box is needed.


Then there are fill charts of how many and types of wires that can be installed within each conduit raceway. In short the rules are very different from Residential to Commercial projects. After you think that you have all that figured out there are derating factors to consider also. Properly installed these conduit raceways are grounded thru grounding rod or rods meaning that if an energized wire touches the conduit it is designed to trip the circuit breaker protecting the wire. With the many different styles of conduit and uses for them it is usually better to leave these projects to the Pros.

Here at D B Electric when we bid/quote commercial projects many hours of research goes into reading the Blueprints, meetings with engineers on specifications and any other issue before the job even is submitted for Client approval.

So how does a person learn to make the bends and bending of these conduit systems? Trade schools, community colleges, apprenticeship programs with unions and electrical contractors are the usual methods to learn the tricks of the trade. In short there is nothing easy about conduit systems they are a complex jigsaw puzzle of many different items aka boxes, fittings, conduit straps, and many other items to have a quality finished craftsmanship project.

All that just skims the surface about emt/imc/rigid conduit systems as now we can add yet another raceway systems called PVC conduit used for direct burial into the ground and above ground applications for commercial and residential use. The same 4-90 degree turns apply and the same NEC/Your Authority apply to PVC conduit raceway systems and are even listed separately in the NEC code book. (NOTE) you can not bury emt conduit directly into the earth it is not rated for the use and will quickly deteriorate and rust out where as PVC is rated for the purpose as well as rigid conduit raceway systems.
Wiremold metallic raceways that are surface mounted to walls and ceilings usually used for applications where the commercial building has already been built and the cost to rip open the walls offset the cost of a fast surface mounted raceway system. Many different styles along with metallic and nonmetallic options are available. The same 4-90 degree turns apply as with other NEC/Your Authority codes and rules. 

So as you can see commercial conduit raceway systems are complicated and take not only the electricians but also engineers, blueprint designers and many other teams of people and their staffs. This only touches the surface on conduit raceway systems there are many more materials not mentioned or described. Numbers never lie concerning electrical applications that even means in conduit raceway system. To make a 90-degree turn in 1/2" emt takes 5" each and every time.

D B Electric

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sub Panel Residentail

When the main breaker panel/fuse box location has become full leaving no more attachment for further wring to be added, most handymen, electricians, ect will use tandem style breakers or other means to gain additional circuit protection. Usually no thought goes into the additional heat being generated by these types of quick fixes. By removing 1 old breaker and installing 1 tandem replacement 1 extra spot is gained along with the increased heat from the additional wiring added. All not very good ideas as too much heat can melt the buss bar entirely or cause a fire.

Some Locations/Your Authority will not allow the use of tandem circuit breakers. 

 A circuit breaker is designed to be a restriction point for the attached wired circuit. allowing designed amp load to be tripped at that number. Heat is being generated during this process the more amps you pull the greater the heat becomes until it reaches the tripping point or going directly to ground in a dead short issue. Electrical power is always going to go directly to ground thru a ground rod system if correctly installed, which most older systems or older wiring has none installed whatsoever. Upgrades to the utility company cables are the only true fix meaning a new meter base, weather head, main breaker replacement. By doing the upgrade new service wires will be installed from the weather head to line side meter to load side meter to main breaker to match load amp requirements of the home. This is the best fix for older wiring nightmares. Along with replacement of all wiring inside the home pigged tailed, according folded, true series circuit thru out. Done correctly many years of reliable and safe operation are possible. But for some the best fix is beyond their options and one more alternative is possible called a sub panel as the very top photo has many attached already.

Instead of a Main Breaker this panel is called Main Lug. By removing 2 openings in very top old photo and install a one new larger breaker from that location to feed the Main Lug panel above photo. This also would eliminate the other older smaller sub panels into the new Main Lug Panel. But you are only adding space not increasing amps as that is set with the wires from utility wires and meter base wiring, if those are already overloaded then nothing is gained and great harm or fire is very possible. It's always better to do any electrical work right from the very start and thru out the entire wiring harness. Whenever a sub panel is the only option one should be installed large enough to stop what's going on like in the very top photo of the many added older subpanels along with future work that may be needed or added at some other point in time.  Usually 3/4" plywood is used for a mounting surface which is much better than chipboard for panel attachment and nailing surface for wire staples to hold wiring or conduits neatly. 

A better solution is do the project right from the very start if it's old and outdated nothing will fix it other then an update entirely, by doing this circuits can be designed to operate more efficiently and dedicated for set amp openings. Example microwave/dishwasher/clothes washer, ect ect all on there own circuit breakers meaning that breaker only operates 1 device. By doing this motors, ect will run better because they are not being starved for power on startup/running like if they had other openings on the same circuit breakers. By updating entire wiring harness from older ungrounded cables to newer grounded cables brings added safety for the operation of afci, gfci circuit breaker protection. Splitting circuit breakers for outlets and lighting  general  purpose like bed rooms,ect if an outlet trips from fault it will not knock the lights out.  NEC/Your Authority is minimum code requirements concerning new up dates you can never below that standard of craftsmanship that's the starting point you can always go above code with quality craftsmanship. Meaning to install custom cabling options correctly 100% piggd tailed, according folded, true series circuit. Above code projects is what D B Electric specializes in with 100% quality craftsmanship backed by years of experience.

Most Homeowners can permit their project themselves with permit inspections from there local authority. Green tag is final approval and it's operating at designed amp requirements. D B Electric can consult you thru the entire process from a 41 year experienced master electrician and 2 generations of  a family owned business with quality craftsmanship and consulting options .

With all that even more is possible by either having a total update or sub panel update opening. Space is gained for auto start generator, grid main switching, solar, wind, ect ect. Electrical Main/Breaker Main/Lug panels are building blocks of electrical requirements loads. It's all in making these different devices operating nicely together with smart switching that can be web monitored anywhere in the world free of charge 

It's All In The Numbers They Never Lie

Wattage/Voltage = Amperage 
Voltage X Amperage = Wattage

Basic Electrical Knowledge

Making massive amounts of electrical power from lithium ion battery banking dc to ac sine wave inverters can allow any homeowner to go totally off grid easily it's free unlimited energy clean safe reliable 7/24/365 and D B Electric can pre build or consult you thru the entire processes. 

So as you have learned unlimited electrical power is possible very easily. Old wiring and electrical updates are easily done with homeowner permits and Consulting by D B Electric. And that numbers never lie.

D B Electric

Friday, December 25, 2015

Main Breaker Panel Residentail

Main Breaker Panel Residential Grid Tied
/auto start generator/solar/wind/options

Main Breaker Panel Residential Grid Tied 100/amp 200/amp 400/amp  and on and on aka load centers, circuit breakers. NEC Code/Your Authority all have rules and inspections and usually fees for amount of circuit breakers installed along with every opening or openings,permits, and other fees/charges for approval Green Tagged.

D B Electric way is step down placement highest 240/volt circuit breaker closest to the main on down, with the 120/volt circuit breakers located near bottom of buss bar. Each circuit breaker is located highest amp closest to the main in numbers evenly from top to bottom. Terminating the wiring sized to amp ratings inside the panel box in bundled groups of hots, neutrals, rope and twisted grounds all NMB romex cables into one large ground, and other options. Neatly bends all evenly spaced wiring for easy amp probe testing every wire from top to bottom of buss bar.
 Square D QO is our choice of brands on today's market for most residential and commercial projects for its durability, reliability, and safety.

Then there is Grounding to consider along with the number of rods required for NEC code/Your Authority. Numbers never lie they are based on what's up concerning the total amp load required at the Main Breaker Location. There are 2 ways to install these grounding cables (1) new school using plastic bushings for entrance cables fittings into the meter base and main breaker panel aka current code/your authority (2) old school using grounded bushings at these same locations and every sub panel had it's own ground rod grounding the neutral conductor. not current code but a better grounding system.

With all this going on heat is generated at each circuit breaker location the more power consumed the hotter the circuit becomes until it trips at its designed amp load or a dead short directly to the grounding system. Electrical power properly installed will always take the least resistance to ground. They key here is the cooler that you can dissipate the heat from this resistance the more and better efficiency for the circuit breaker, buss bar and wiring harness.

 An example of this is heat sink theories!But once again numbers do not lie and a thermometer will prove same amp draw wired with the above information will operate cooler than a mess of cables placed every which a way as with circuit breaker placement all over the buss bar.

Ok now we made a heat sink with a properly installed wiring harness openings throughout the load center location grid tied meaning every outlet, switch, light, appliance load is doing it's thing as efficiently as possible. Pigged tailed, according folded, true series circuit thru out.

 But there is a better way to use the grid as a option with solar, wind, renewable energies all tied together playing nicely together. Lithium Ion is the bang for the buck and a key player to mixed it all together for clean reliable electrical energy 7/24/365.

 The battery bank draining only 20% leaving 80% in reserve can make massive amounts of electrical power called sinewave energy aka electrical power used in hospitals, factories, remote off grid telecommunications. Smart switching makes it all happen with switching so fast that clocks and device's do not need reset from one power source to another power source transfers. Monitoring system control for free over the web anywhere in the world. It is very easy for any homeowner to go totally off grid or as mentioned use the grid as a option legally spin the meter backwards where the utility provider pays you.

Prebuilt kits can be grid connected by a licensed electrician in your area with a transfer switch rated for your wattage loads aka main breaker panel. With the many different manufacturers on today's market of these transfer switches there is one to meet your requirements.

Kohler Transfer Switches for Home Generators

 Consulting home owners, small business world wide 50 or 60 hrtz with voltage packages matched to customer demands of rated wattage loads. Once again you can take your original main breaker location add this package to it and never have another electrical bill using solar/wind/renewable energies. Pure sinewave electrical energy by master electrician retired small business owner over 41 years experience D B Electric can provide solutions for large or small unlimted electrical energy.

D B Electric

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Off Grid Battery Bank Sizing To Wattage Load

To determine how many batteries are required first a basic wattage load Punch List needs to be completed. The list will list every item that is intended to be operated with all relevant information on the name of the device, the amount of wattage it consumes, the required voltage, number of hours the device will operate, By having this information a battery bank can be sized to match the Punch List Totals. Here is a link for calculate power needs for a free ms spreadsheet format wattage load calculator and website for other forms. After filling out the sheet you can conduct a whole lot of research yourself on sizing battery bank, inverter, cabling, switchgear and any other related items like PLC automation. Or you can visit my D B Electric store and order Online Consulting Rate and we will email the completed results back to you sized to the results of your Punch List wattage requirements.
Here's the downloadable spreadsheet with a blank table for you to fill in:
power_needs_spreadsheet.xls - 11KB, Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP format

A Demark Company called Victron Energy has a PDF download called PDF Book Unlimited Energy After reading this you will have a much better understanding about batteries and the chemical reactions that takes place within each individual battery cell. Along with generator auto start systems and many other matters concerning dc to ac inverter systems. The company also has many great products that are stackable in either single or 3 phase dc to ac inverters.

(NOTE)  Victron Energy inverters have the ability to transfer 2 ac inputs line voltage and auto start generator ac voltages.Remotely monitor control any Victron Energy device with provided software information over the web for free of charge. Also they are stackable products in either single or three phase systems. Another great benefit is that Victron Energy products are so fast that clock's and other resets are not necessary from one energy source to another source.

Remotely monitor Victron Energy equipment all over the world.

Victron Remote Management is a free service provided by Victron Energy to remotely monitor electrical equipment all over the world.

Here is another link for a lp autostart generator with transfer switch 10,000 watt sinewave marine grade along with other products that can be used for off grid electrical energy or grid tied options.

With the advancements in lithium ion battery tecknowledgey and smart switching devices on today's market it is very easy to go totally off grid entirely and never have another monthly electrical bill. Or to pump the extra voltage back into the grid and have the utility company pay you every month. Electronics have come a long way concerning conserving and generating electrical power which has never been as easy as it is right now today. With the web for transferring information and control worldwide remote electrical power is possible anywhere. It's all in the numbers from simple camping units to remote off grid villages to major lithium ion grid tied projects in the USA and worldwide. The dc to ac pure sinewave inverter systems are safe, clean, reliable, electrical systems designed to be either grid or off grid tied 7/24/365. With the current tax credits the time to invest in solar and wind could more than pay for itself quickly. Any questions, bookings, or related contact us at your conveniences.

D B Electric
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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Switching Residentail

Learn Basic PLC Programing
Every electrician, handy man have there own ways and styles of running wires for lights and switches. Here at D B Electric we go above code and make all switching and light openings dedicated on there own circuit breakers. By giving Clients this added step if an outlet circuit breaker trips it will not knock the lights out. Also white NEUTRAL wires are NEVER installed in any switching period. Each switch is line (power) and load (device) connected. For those that switch NEUTRAL wires be advised that even though the switch maybe OFF there still is POWER at the light opening by wiring like that.You are only breaking the NETURAL not the line and load as the switch was designed for.

single pole switch diagram Toggle or dimmer single pole switch residential.
Grounding bare wires tied together and crimped with copper sleeve. White wires tied together with wire nut.  And black line (hot) and black wire load is broken by single pole switch device. If the switch says NO after it is installed it is in upside down. (NOTE) can only be switched from 1 location.
3-way switch diagram.jpgToggle or dimmer 3 way switch residential.
Grounding bare wires tied together and crimped with copper sleeve. White wires tied together with wire nut. 2 wires black and red aka traveler wires will be placed on same screw color. 1 =  3/way switch will be line (hot) and go on different color screw from the travel wires screws. 1 = 3/way switch will be load (light) and go on different color screw from the travel wire screws. (NOTE) can only be switched from 2 locations.For dimmer switch operation make 1 switch a dimmer and other a toggle. (NOTE) can only be dimmed at the dimmer location in 3/way switching other switch will pass through as normal but dimmed.
4-way-switch Toggle or dimmer 4 way switching residential.
Grounding all bare wires tied together and crimped with copper sleeve. White wires all tied together with wire nut. A 4 way switch is simple to install just REMEMBER to have 1-3/way switch on both ends with the 4/way switch in the middle. The light can have endless switching points by adding more 4/way switches installed in the middle with the 3/way switches on either end (line & load) (NOTE) can have endless switching points read above. For dimmer switching make either end of 3 way a dimmer and other a toggle leaving the 4/way middel switches the same. (NOTE) can only be dimmed at the dimmer location in 4 way switching other switches will pass through as normal but dimmed.
photo cell Photo cell switching dusk to dawn operation.
Single pole, 3/way, 4/way and wireless switching can all be wired for override control of photocell operation. White wire is neutral, red wire is LOAD (light), and black wire is LINE (power). If a photo cell is wired backwards with line and load the light will flash off and on until corrected.
Also note that any light can be switched with WIRELESS switching meaning that load wires from the light to the switch can be eliminated altogether saving material and labor cost. Wireless switching can be single pole, 3 way and 4 way meaning that there is and endless possibility on switching points. By going wireless it is easy to setup smartphone operation where you can turn lights off and on with cell or pc.
Also NOTE that by wiring as above all switching can easily be taken off grid voltage and placed on battery banking inverter voltage using solar or wind  or both for charging the battery bank. Meaning that all the lights in your home can be operated for FREE. Also NOTE that any electrical load can be placed on battery bank inverter voltage it's all in how the battery bank system is designed for the intended loads.

D B Electric

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Openings Electrical Residential

Troubleshooting original home wiring done by others usually means that nothing is right and even though it may of worked once does not mean that it was done correctly.
Openings Electrical Residential refers to the maximum amount of openings/devices (outlets/switches/lights) that can be placed on a circuit breaker. Every electrician, homeowner, handy man has there way to install electrical wiring. Some mix outlet openings with lights and switching openings, not a very good idea because if you trip a circuit breaker your lights will go off also. Solution have dedicated circuit breakers for lighting and outlets loads.
Some will just backstab the wiring into the devices, not a good idea because if one device goes
wiring line and load back stabbed connectedbad it can knock power off to other devices downstream from the device that went bad,  and then they will just ram the wiring into the box any way that it will fit. All not good ideas.
Solution pigtail each opening to true series circuit to the necessary device outlet/switch/light opening and accordion fold wring into the box neatly.
wires pigged tailed with tap wires feeding devise a true serieus circurit
 By doing all this you have made a tap off a trunk line even if the device goes bad it will not take downstream devices off power unless it is a fault to ground then the breaker will trip and all devices will be offline.
The National Electric Code NEC/Your Local Authority is the minimum code required for your area. You can NEVER go below code but you can ALWAYS go above code. Most homeowners can take electrical Homeowners Permits out and do the work themselves on rewires, service upgrades and related electrical wiring issues. Contact D B Electric we can coach you thru the entire process to the final inspection.
 On a recent service call the Client had lost power to outlets and lights in a 2nd floor bedroom? Not to bore you with all the troubleshooting details what was discovered was over 40 openings on one 20/amp 120/volt circuit breaker. It worked once make it work again and we have no money to upgrade the wiring harness was the information from the Client.
Allowable Openings Per Circuit Breaker Amp Rating
Single Pole Circuit Breaker 15/amp 120/volt = 10 openings (general purpose)
Single Pole Circuit Breaker 20/amp 120/volt = 12 openings (general purpose)
As described above you can never go below code but you can always go above code.  For this example dedicated circuit breakers are used for the following loads
Single Pole Circuit Breaker’s 20/amp 120/volt  for fridge/microwave/dishwasher = 3
Even though the code calls for 2 dedicated minimum branch circuit breakers for the kitchen area outlets/appliances this is usually not enough so splitting the appliance loads (dishwasher, refrigerator, disposal, microwave, ect) up with dedicated circuit breakers is a much better idea. Example going above the current code. By doing this the appliance will have dedicated power to do what it does and not be slowed down making compressors, motors and appliance loads operate more efficiently, the cooler you can operate electrical devices the more efficiently it will operate. Hook the same appliance up to circuit breakers that have other loads attached and that appliance is being starved/lagging on startup/operation and will generate more heat than is necessary.
Basic electrical knowledge is very useful and can help any electrical project from the start.
Line = incoming power
Load = device being operated (motor for example)
Neutral = Return Path to Utility Provider
Ground = grounding rod/rods to earth and related wiring
Switch Leg =  load wire from device (light fixture for example)
By knowing what each part does and how to correctly plan-install-implement these items into your home or business wiring harness will provide reliable and safe operation 7/24/365

D B Electric

Electrical Protection Residential

AFCI = Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter
AFCI main goal is to sense arcing in electrical wiring aka example NMB romex wire. Example without afci protection a normal single pole circuit breaker could allow the wiring with arcing from fault inside walls, ceiling, ect to smolder and possibly ignite its surroundings. Whereas with a AFCI circuit breaker would sense the fault and trip. Most code/your authority calls for residential bedroom wiring to be AFCI protected. The key here is earth to ground electricity is always going to take the least resistance path to ground. As long as the load center source of electrical energy is correctly code/your authority and is grounded with proper rod or rods and cabling the AFCI  circuit breakers should work correctly.
GFCI = Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter main goal is to sense positive voltage to ground and trip instaley. The key here is earth to ground electricity is always going to take the least resistance path to ground. As long as the load center source of electrical energy is correctly code/your authority and is grounded with proper rod or rods and cabling the GFCI should work correctly. A simple GFCI tester can be purchased from any hardware store, which is a very good idea as regular test can detect needed device replacement.
Smoke Detector
With carbon dioxide 120/volt ac with 9/volt dc battery backup INTERLOCKED system if one goes off the entire string goes off. Note can be contactor grouped in banks also its unlimited all in the numbers and needs matched to quantity.
Most code/your authority calls for a minimum requirement in hallways, furnace and water heater locations as well as other locations. By adding extra units in every bedroom. Example if one goes off they ALL go off with the existing minimum making more alarm noise. Usually the indicator light will be a different colour from fault unit to the other non fault linked INTERLOCKED units.
Main Load Center Surge Protection
The main goal here is to protect the main source of power from outside lighting hits or other grid misshapes. When the day arrives and blows the device it is ruined and needs replacement. But if correctly code/your authority installed path to ground is correct then the electronics tv, ect will survive as with motors like refrigerators and clothes washers. The key here is earth to ground electricity is always going to take the least resistance path to ground.

D B Electric

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Producing Unlimited Electrical Energy

The very 1st Generator
 1831 The 1st Generator

{{Information |Description=Drawing of Faraday disk, the first electric generator, invented by British scientist Michael Faraday in 1831. |Source=Downloaded from [ Émile Alglave & J. Boulard (1884) '

The Howard R Johnson engine had others perplexed?
Do it yourself video the Stirling Engine but revamped using solar to heat gas claims are up to 12 times more efficient then modern day solar

For many years people have been attempting to produce electrical energy in different ways using all kinds of theories, engineering and on and on.

Unlimited Electrical Energy is available using plug and play operation many different items like building blocks solar, wind, and other charging sources of energy input all playing nicely together . The brains is PLC smart contactor switching like automation devices going clickety clack on there journey of making Free Unlimited Energy. The guts is Lithion Ion Battery Banking for storage like a giant capacitor and some more of that PLC smart switching for 20% offline banking in sets of  float voltage banks. Brains and Guts matched to sources of charging inputs from solar/wind/? Smaller building block units of this type can produce Unlimited Electrical Energy.

Being a retired master electrician with over 40 years experience I know that it is possible to make KV voltage step down to onsite 120/240 volt secondary. The theories of higher the voltage the less the amp draw. Many large scale grid tied projects are being done worldwide using these principles producing MV voltages and above. The next electrical box outside your home could be your own generator producing KV to KW onsite  Unlimited Electrical Energy. How is that possible? By combining skills talents and resources of different people. Prototypes for testing need to be built that are island capable to interconnect to site grid voltage and any other action for reaction that may occur.

Any takers any joiners any banders together let's solve this once and for all together!

D B Electric

Monday, December 14, 2015

The light in the old outhouse.

A very short story about a very old out house!

Image result for Mackinac Bridge

Recently I was asked by a client to travel to Northern Michigan to install switching and lights in an old outhouse toilet. Not to be deterred I accepted the invitation and went to meet the client who needed the unusual request addressed somewhat bewildered on how they even got my name in the 1st place?

Seems as though nearly 200 miles distance D B Electric skills are up to any task, even power in an old outhouse. You just have to wonder how far will word of mouth advertising travel?

Image result for photo of outhouse

Simple fix pvc conduit and weatherproof boxes and a light fixture so now the old outhouse in Northern Michigan is ready for the next visitor. A new client a new adventure bring it on D B Electric has you covered, anywhere, anytime. Or pass on our family owned and operated business on to others.

Thank You!

D B Electric