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PLC Smart Switching


Programmable logic controller

 PLC, or programmable controller is a digital computer used for automation of typically industrial electromechanical processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines, amusement rides, or light fixtures. PLCs are used in many machines, in many industries.

PLC Wilike

Here is a sample how PLC could operate all input and output commands for battery banking
protection 7/24/365

New AB Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC 1766-L32BXB 1766L32BXB

Battery Protectors

If you run a battery when it is undercharged or if it is flat then it is very likely that you will damage your battery beyond repair. Running your batteries flat results in compounding costs as you have to keep replacing the depleted battery. Sometime we do not even know that we are running the battery flat. A battery may be connected to an appliance and run flat without our knowing. In this situation you need a battery protector in order to safeguard your battery against running flat.

A battery protector will cut the power supply when the battery’s voltage drops below a predetermined mark. Ensure that you don’t have to constantly keep checking your battery levels by implementing safeguard systems to protect your battery against power depletion
By combining various components the PLC System can be very useful in solar and wind hybrid energy switching. Giving total protection to each battery series wired for voltage ratings 12 24 36 48. 

Battery cell monitoring to the individual cell 24/7/365 by PLC controlled by cell.web, net

ESP DC Link Box (in plastic enclosure) By Victron Energy

The DC link box brings all the primary DC protection, DC monitoring and sensor connections into one simple to fit enclosure. It includes:
  • 4 Mega fuses (2x 300A, 1x 200A, 1x 100A) and 1 Midi fuse (60A). These can be changed to suit the users requirements. Mega fuses are available in sizes from 100 to 500 amps and Midi fuses from 30 to 125 amps.  For more fuse options Click HERE
  • 500 amp shunt.
  • Test button with LED's for all 5 fuses and a polarity warning LED.
  • Fused connection points for MultiPlus voltage sense and BMV-600 connections.
  • Fused connections for magnetically latching battery isolator which can be controlled via ESP system panel.
  • RJ 11 and 45 socket connections for ESP system panel.

AH Battery switching and monitoring is possible by PLC command. Total dedicated 7/24/365 protection!

2/0 quick connect connenction
By cabling Battery Banking wiring harness to quick connection plug and play for battery replacement is quick simple and easy

PLC commands and operations make Smart Switching reliable and ready to run the numbers 7/24/365 Also various equipment in operation can be retrofitted to PLC command. Ladder Logic Control is written and stored in memory to perform all electrical functions like line, loads, switching, motor control, lighting, and many many more.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

48 volt dc battery banking

With so many different style and types of batteries (Lithuanian Ion, flooded lead acid, ect ect) on today's market it is no wonder why so many are left confused, bewildered, or just give up entirely and stay with whatever energy source is available for their energy needs. Ac energy does not store power as dc energy does in banked battery systems, meaning with dc storage you have available energy even if the wind or solar are not at 100% of the system design. These systems can also be auto start generator protected. Battery banked systems can even take generator energy running 24 hours a day to a lower running time of up to 70% or more savings, meaning lower generator fuel consumption and maintenance. These saving numbers have been proven and implemented with components from various vendors in today's market.

Putting batteries in series does not increase amp hour rating but does increase voltage... 2, 12 volt batteries in series is 24 volts, 3 in series is 36 volts, 4 would be 48 volts but battery string capacity will always be battery rated ah. The storage of groups of amp hour 48 volt dc energy is possible by keeping the voltage at 48 volt dc and separating these groups by microprocessor and other circuit switching. Where they will not back feed into one another in groups of the banking isolated groups to keep raising amp hour storage capabilities. Also by this type of switching arrangement online and offline charging and groups are isolated when any one group reaches set battery drain of example 20% leaving 80% still in reserve it goes off line for charging befor that group comes back online. By this arrangement there is Unlimited Energy available and each group is evenly balanced not over or under worked for unlimited storage capabilities.

A good set of batteries are the heart and soul of any hybrid inverter system system and need constant monitoring, climate controlled, and maintained per monitoring reporting. The highest cost factor for any wind, solar, hybrid system is the batteries. Treat the batteries right and they will survive their life cycle and then some per monitoring reporting. Put them in the wrong environment and they could be destroyed quickly as with over charging over heating issues and other factors. 

You do not need to be a chemist or engineer to figure out the many different styles, types, or ratings of batteries if turn key package system was either build by you or purchased as a turn key system. If built by you then do a lot of research and consult with the right engineers to design your system. I am neither a chemist. engineer. or professor but am a retired master electrician with over 40 years experience with over 10 years into dc to ac sine wave inverter energy power. By taking both ac & dc skills I have discovered many efficient ways to have Unlimited Energy from just batteries storage using solar, wind with hybrid micro grid sine wave inverters. 

Getting into the dc side of this I was amazed at the rubik's cube of components that were necessary to achieve this energy source, Many hours of research with authors, engineers, components companies and their staff's, and other sources.Have come to the conclusion that bringing the right personal together can make the impossible energy sources feasible by sharing data to any energy requirement.

Below are various sources of information

References Battery Sources

Tips & Warnings On How To Put Power Back Into Your Utility Grid

How to Put the Power Back Into a Grid

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How to Put the Power Back Into a Grid

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.Purchase A Turn Key Hybrid Micro Grid Unlimited Energy & Installed By Your Local Electrician
•Hire a qualified electrician who specializes in grid-connected renewable energy systems to set up your consulted system any where world wide Onsite power systems.

 Real-time electricity monitor
ultimate solution for solar and wind installations monitoring devices

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hybrid Micro Grids

What is a Micro Grid?
Your Next Custom Built Unlimited Energy Power Plant 

In short taking different forms of existing energy sources Wind, Solar, Water, Geothermal, Battery Banking Storage and Generator Back Up you can make your own Grid Tied or Off Grid Micro Grid.

More In Depth  sources of energy battery banked controlled by  microprocessors controlling  using island system switching 7200 volt ac 60 or 50 htz  higher the voltage less amperage theories stepping down Onsite Usage to ac secondary unlimited energy possibilities from Onsite Units. Onsite Added Options Geothermal AC/Heat/Generator,Steam Hps Generator, Rare Earth Magnet Generators. Unlimited Sources Of  Inputs From Waste And Other Sources? It's All In he Switching Thru Microprocessors Controlled Units.

In a artical written by By | October 15, 2014, 4:00 AM PST there are 5 things to consider concerning Micro Grids According to the post and the United States has more electrical grid blackouts than any other developed nation. According to the Department of Energy, demand for electricity has outpaced transmission rates by 25% every year since 1982.

 And things are only going to get worse as our old analog grid system needs many up grades.

The New Smart Grid Is Digital.

Step Up Grid Transformer

With Local Utilities Replacing Older Grid Meters To Readable Data Grid Controlled Metering Usage.

A Smarter Grid Would Be To Bury It All Underground For Weather Related Issues Alone

 Onsite Microgrid Unlimited Power Options Are Available It's All In The Numbers To Size Micro Grid Units To Match The Clients Required Onsite Needs

Microgrids Have Angered Some Utilities Companies And Do Not Allow Backfeed Into Their Grid. Its Their Loss. By being a microgrid island style system if the grid goes down it stops power to the utility grid but keeps power at the onsite unit 7 days a week 365 days per year. You are your own power source unlimited energy.but you have options to grid tie with hybrid energy also its whether your local utility will allow you to do so.

Single & Three Phase Unlimited Voltage Options. Transformer Switched Island Style To Onsite Secondary. All microprocessor controlled with remote control by smartphone, computer, pads. Anywhere in the world for free with vendor software. For monitoring, troubleshooting, total onsite control of unit package options available.
Containerized Units Custom Built Ready To Operate 7/24 365 days a year
On Site & Online Consulting Options Available Book A Date And Time.
Options Never Be Left In The Dark

Micro Grid Units, Telecom, Residential. Commercial, Villages, Homes/Ranch/Cabins/Tents, Any Where Any Time Unlimited Power Your Onsite Microgrid Tell Me What Your Energy Requirements Are And A Custom Tailored Micro Grid Unit With Unlimited Energy Is Possible.

Written Nov/19/15 By D B Electric


Ohio takes decommissioned coal energy plant and turns it into a battery storage microgrid

Monday, November 16, 2015

Unlimited Energy It's All In The Numbers

Electrical energy has many great theories!

 The higher the voltage the less the amp draw. Example 120/240 volts single phase what is connected to most homes and small business also referred to as secondary side of the grid connection transformer has a example load of 200 amps that same load at 7200 volts on the primary side of the transformer would be 6.78 amps. So what does all that mean? Basicly the cooler you can operate electrical devices the more efficient that it will operate. Wattage divided by voltage equals amps. Example 1 120/volt 60/watt light how many amps does it draw? Soulation 60 divided by 120 equals 0.5 amps. Knowing what you're watt loads are the first step in sizing any off grid energy system to meet any kw demand  draw. Example 1 kw is 10 amps a typical 120/240 volt electric clothes dryer will take 3 kw to operate 30/amps at 120/240 volts.

By knowing your total wattage load and every electrical device in your home or business you can size to a battery bank to operate totally off grid for hours or days by using just solar and wind to charge the battery bank thru microprocessor protected charge controllers. With the high cost of these batteries it is very important to monitor everything that they do from the climate they are in to the charging and the way that it is delivered. One bad cell in a battery can drain unnecessary energy and ruin the others in a banked system. Also auto start generators can be configured to charge the battery bank, along with the wind and solar also called a hybrid system. By taking 4 12/volt dc AH batteries you can change the voltage to 48 volts dc, which means it should be 4 times more efficient then if were to be operated at just the 12/volt rating.

Ok we have touched on the higher the voltage the less the amp draw and a basic understanding of watt loads and battery banking. Now let's put it to work to generate ac energy. DC to AC pure sine wave inverters have come a long way and only will get better as newer tecknowledgey come online. For this example we will start with 1 48/volt dc inverter 120/240 volt 10 kw it does not have enough kw to operate your 20 kw electrical panel but if you take 2 48/volt dc inverters 120/240 volt 10 kw also called stacking you now can drive your 20 kw electrical panel. Using this principle you can have Unlimited Energy it's all in the numbers. And what makes this even better is you can have 3 inverters to make 3 Phase energy for any commercial load by stacking them as necessary. Meaning you can drive an entire village or remote island totally off grid.
But why stop here how about making your own primary grid also called micro grids. By using the above information it is very possible to do just that. The same principal as your grid tied electric service goes out due to a storm and a generator is powering a home without a transfer switch to stop it from backfeeding into the grid it will back feed the transformer from secondary voltage to primary voltage. Until the power comes back on and blows the generator apart or the local utility discovers the backfeed hopefully not killing a lineman in the process. That is why transfer switch's are very important to protect one source of energy from another. In short is is possible to take hybrid energy and turn it into primary energy to tap secondary kw loads any where also called island systems and microgrids.

Unlimited Energy Any Where Never Be Left In The Dark

With over 40 years as a Master Electrician I have spent the last 10 years being self taught in dc to ac pure sine wave inverter set ups. Using Solar and Wind stored in battery banks to operate off grid energy anywhere. Not being impressed I searched high and low for just off the shelf products from various vendors that would drive the loads necessary to operate a home or an entire village.

After a lot of research it is possible to have Unlimited Energy and it is possible to have step up and step down transformers being driven from off grid energy, meaning you can have Unlimited Energy anywhere your own grid system. A 48 volt dc battery bank or banks is the heart and soul of this system and the most costly of any energy inverter set up. wikipedia Distribution transformer

Step Up 
Step Down

 Contact us for all your off grid or on grid energy needs. Consulting, Pre Built, Containerized. It is now possible to have unlimited energy from off grid microprocessor controlled equipment for any kw demand for homes and business. Various vendors in today's markets have many great products that can offer simple camping units to more complex units that can provide enough energy to operate entire Villages.

A Battery Bank is the heart and soul of any inverter system and the largest cost, meaning battery protection (3 stage charging, under & over voltage, microprocessors can save thousands of dollars Using Solar and Wind, it is possible to lower any new or existing auto start generator fuel usage by battery banking Amp Hours (AH). Meaning you have control when the generator starts and stops for total control over the voltage in any battery banks. The Sun is always going to shine and the Wind is always going to blow 2 very good free energy sources and for those who are lucky enough to have a running stream that is a third energy option when it comes to Hybrid Off Grid Energy Packages.

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Article Written By David P Blume Lawton, MI 49065

How The Grid Works

Click Link How The Grid Works click the link to watch a YouTube video

Power plants produce electricity that is brought to homes and business thru high voltage transmission lines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Which continue  to a smaller substation that takes the high voltage energy and lowers it to primary voltage used by the local utility

The local utility installs transformers that supply energy to homes and business by taking this primary energy and lowering it to secondary

In short this is our grid system in the USA.

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