Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mini Micro Grid PLC SCADA Control

Using electrical theories of the higher the voltage the less amp draw for the same wattage being operated opens many possibilities for free electrical power by investing in alternative energy. Any 50 or 60 hertz mini micro grid system in either single or 3 phase voltages can be designed and controlled with quality off the shelf products to tap this free  alternative energy.

By taking solar, wind and any other source of input and stepping it up to a higher voltage makes smaller wire and breaker size possible.

 Example (wattage/voltage=amperage) or (amperage X voltage=wattage) Most US residential homes have a main breaker panel rated for 200 amps (200 X 240 = 48000). So knowing that 200 amps is 48000 watts at 240 volts than means that same 48000 watt load at 7200 volts will equal less than 7 amps. 

This is why the jigsaw puzzle of alternative energy products need to play nicely together in a harmony of Island Style connections that can be grid tied or totally off grid connected. By combining these off the shelf products you are making your own mini micro grid system that has total PLC SCADA control and operation. There are alternative energy products on today's market that can do just that and so fast on power transfers from differents power sources are that computer or clock resets are not necessary.  

With many new advancements in lithium ion battery technology it is very easy to produce and store dc energy and convert it to ac electrical power. Proof of this is that utility companies are doing just that, charging dc batteries on off peak hours and bringing back online during peak hours and there systems are making MV (100,000) and above voltages.  

Consulting options on  alternative energy are available to meet any electrical requirement by retired master electrician and family business owner. 

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