Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Zinsco Breaker Panel 2017

Discovered this outdated and faulty Zinsco panel on a residential onsite inspection of a property that was purchased for a client. They wanted to know the condition of the electrical grid tied original wiring harness throughout the existing home and barn and all outbuildings?

My conclusion was a total up date from the grid tied weatherhead onward because the original home had additions dating back over 100 years old and it appeared to have had over 4 major remodels done to it throughout the years to increase the homes square footage? Not knowing 100% what may be lurking behind closed finished walls concerning the inside electrical wiring harness the only foolproof means is to open the walls up for visual and digital metering inspections. Which lead to discoveries of live termite damage to structural wood and a host of other delays and additional labor needed to bring the old home into the modern era.

With over 43 years experience in the electrical trade and a retired master electrician this project from the beginning was quite a challenge because everything electrical existing was outdated and not intended for the modern electrical loads used in today's homes. A gut instinct told me not to bid this project any other way than by time and materials meaning that whatever labor and whatever materials is the cost of the project. Not only would the electrical labor hours be needed but also the demo and removal of all the necessary walls and ceilings hours along with carpendary hours for the ruff in electrical to begin. By doing this approach a clean slate was achievable to update the entire electrical project to the modern era. 6" new construction airtight can lighting with thermal overload was the choice for all lighting using LED dimmable trim fixtures and putting 3 way and 4 way switching in where there was none before
This approach lead to over 50 light cans being installed all ENERGY STAR rated for lower electrical billing from the standard 60 watt screw in light bulbs being replaced. (50 standard 60 watt light bulbs take 3,000 watts of electrical energy usage 3000/120= 25 amps) the same 50 60 watt light equivalent bulbs can be replaced with the above light can and LED trim for quite a savings (50 LED trims X 10.5 watt take 525 watts of electrical energy usage 525/120=4.375/5 amps) this method saved this client 2475 watts of electrical energy usage and 20.265/21 amps savings . The LED trims were also used outside for soffit down lighting as they are also wet location rated.

Opening walls and ceilings allowed many original outdated and unsafe wiring installations to be discovered like un grounded lamp cords buried into walls and ceilings that were operating lights, switches and outlets as well as original overloaded circuit breakers and other faults. This is why all new wiring was being installed throughout the home for a clean slate which gave better control for many energy saving options like dedicated circuit breakers for major appliance loads that also were ENERGY STAR rated.

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