Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Shed Kits

Shed Kits from Home Depot can be purchased in various sizes and types. Or can be custom built for any application

 1/16 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Plastic Panel

They make excellent greenhouse out buildings when insulated and finished on the inside. 

Added electrical power to operate any thing from 120 volt outlets and security lights to 240 volt ballast 1000 watt HPS with 240 volt timer control and HVAC for year round use.

Above Photo Controls
1-100 amp 240 volt Subpanel
4-240 volt 24 hour timer
4-2 kw 240 volt outlets timer controlled
4-1000 watt HPS 240 volt
1-HVAC thru the wall 240 volt 3 kw
1-parr flood motion light on 1-single pole switch 120 volt
2-interior lights on 2-single pole switches 120 volt
3-wall outlets 120 volt
3-ceiling outlets 120 volt
4-additional 1000 watt HPS is designed into system for additional load with plug and play operation

With Spring right around the corner D B Electric has been busy building these kits for clients one farmer had a cooler for his asparagus to be cooled down to 38 degree fahrenheit built and another had a greenhouse timer controlled for all types of vegetables, both had the thru the wall HVAC 240 volt. Contact D B Electric for all your grid tied or off grid electrical needs, we also can assemble shed building kits or custom build one for any application. 

HOME = helping others make electricity 


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